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"It is our opinion, along with that of many other market professionals, that this current market is overbought.  An overbought market often searches for a place, or more to the point, a reason to pull back.  This Sunday's possible vote on Health Care Reform could very well be that catalyst.  This is not an issue of being for or against the legislation, as traders you need to check your political views at the door and trade the market that is in front of you.  It is our opinion that today's selloff is in part due to Sunday's vote, and our opinion that the market has found a reason to begin a correction," Noah Joyce Reports From Examiner.

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A win in Sunday nights vote for Obama Care will shake the markets and may provide an opportunity for investors to get into Healthcare ETFs.  "Picking individual drug companies or health care providers can be a tricky business, as outside factors like drug trials, lawsuits and legislation can weigh on results. ETFs are an effective way to mitigate the risk of investing in a single health care company by exposing investors to a basket of securities, rather than a hit-or-miss pick,"  Don Dion Reports From The Street.

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This is why fear in the markets should create greed in Healthcare ETFs and as Dion says,"The uncertainty over the future of health care has exacted a toll on the industry. ETFs like iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Provider (IHF), Pharmaceutical HOLDRs (PPH) and iShares Biotechnology (IBB) all will be affected differently by changes in legislation. One fact remains indisputable, however: America is getting older. As baby boomers reach old age, health care costs are expected to skyrocket. Whether or not new legislation transforms our existing system, costs likely will rise over the long term" 

We put together some details on the 3 ETFs  mentioned including the top companies within the ETFs below:

The investment (IHF) seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Dow Jones U.S. Select Health Care Providers index. The fund generally invests at least 90% of assets in securities of the index and in depositary receipts representing securities of the index. It may invest the remainder of assets in securities not included in the index but which BGFA believes will help the fund track the index, and in futures contracts, options on futures contracts, options and swaps as well as cash and cash equivalents, including money market funds advised by BGFA. The fund is nondiversified.

CompanySymbol% Assets
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated(UNH)12.14
WellPoint, Inc. Common Stock(WLP)9.92
MedcoHealth Solutions Inc Commo(MHS)9.52
Express Scripts, Inc.(ESRX)7.55
Aetna Inc. Common Stock(AET)5.26
CIGNA Corporation Common Stock(CI)4.08
Humana Inc. Common Stock(HUM)3.95
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated(DGX)3.87
Laboratory Corporation of Ameri(LH)3.53
DaVita Inc. Common Stock(DVA)3.04

Chart for iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Provider (IHF)

The investment (PPH) seeks to diversify your investment in the pharmaceutical industry through a single, exchange-listed instrument representing your undivided beneficial ownership of the underlying securities. The trust holds shares of common stock issued by specified companies that, when initially selected, were involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Except when a reconstitution event, distribution of securities by an underlying issuer or other event occurs, the group of companies will not change. There are currently 21 companies included in the Pharmaceutical HOLDRS.

CompanySymbol% Assets
Johnson & Johnson Common Stock(JNJ)24.58
Pfizer, Inc. Common Stock(PFE)18.53
Merck & Co(N/A)17.28
Abbott Laboratories Common Stoc(ABT)11.35
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Co(BMY)6.56
MedcoHealth Solutions Inc Commo(MHS)5.73
Eli Lilly and Company Common St(LLY)5.14
Forest Laboratories, Inc. Class(FRX)1.81
Allergan, Inc. Common Stock(AGN)1.79
Zimmer Holdings, Inc. Common St(ZMH)1.75

Chart for Pharmaceutical HOLDRs (PPH)

iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund (IBB) is an exchange traded equity index fund launched and managed by Barclays Global Fund Advisors. It invests in the public equity markets of the United States. The fund invests in stocks of companies operating across Healthcare sector. It seeks to replicate the performance of Nasdaq Biotechnology Index. The fund invests in stocks of companies listed on the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index in proportion to their weightage in the index. iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund was formed on February 5, 2001 and is domiciled in the United States.

Holdings Detail (IBB) (Holdings subject to change)

(AMGN)AMGEN INC9.72$143,917,392XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(GILD)GILEAD SCIENCES INC8.07$119,436,634XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(TEVA)TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL-SP ADR8.06$119,284,582XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(CELG)CELGENE CORP6.47$95,855,236XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(VRTX)VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC3.99$59,032,711XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(BIIB)BIOGEN IDEC INC3.16$46,740,013XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(GENZ)GENZYME CORP2.72$40,200,210XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(ALXN)ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS INC2.48$36,681,726XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(PRGO)PERRIGO CO2.44$36,054,897XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(MYL)MYLAN INC2.27$33,673,068XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ILMN)ILLUMINA INC2.26$33,493,081XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(DNDN)DENDREON CORP2.22$32,892,896XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(LIFE)Life Technologies Corp2.10$31,073,724XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(UTHR)UNITED THERAPEUTICS CORP1.87$27,752,559XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(SHPGY)SHIRE PLC-ADR1.75$25,908,603XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(QGEN)QIAGEN N.V.1.63$24,093,450XNGS 1.00
(REGN)REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS1.58$23,402,960XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(HGSI)HUMAN GENOME SCIENCES INC1.54$22,763,127XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(ONXX)ONYX PHARMACEUTICALS INC1.39$20,545,374XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(BMRN)BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC1.38$20,369,588XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(CEPH)CEPHALON INC1.22$18,040,897XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(MYGN)MYRIAD GENETICS INC1.11$16,418,028XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(OSIP)OSI PHARMACEUTICALS INC1.02$15,051,539XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(VRUS)PHARMASSET INC0.87$12,827,534XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(TECH)TECHNE CORP0.82$12,144,225XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(NKTR)NEKTAR THERAPEUTICS0.81$12,007,694XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(INCY)INCYTE CORP0.81$12,002,309XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(GPRO)GEN-PROBE INC0.79$11,719,443XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(CBST)CUBIST PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.77$11,381,704XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(AUXL)AUXILIUM PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.76$11,238,780XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(SLXP)SALIX PHARMACEUTICALS LTD0.76$11,206,653XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(MNKD)MANNKIND CORP0.71$10,558,822XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(MDVN)MEDIVATION INC0.68$10,135,829XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ENDP)ENDO PHARMACEUT HLDGS INC0.67$9,921,757XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ACOR)ACORDA THERAPEUTICS INC0.65$9,571,901XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(AMLN)AMYLIN PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.65$9,559,393XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(ITMN)INTERMUNE INC0.60$8,829,247XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(IPXL)IMPAX LABORATORIES INC0.56$8,249,792XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(SGEN)SEATTLE GENETICS INC /WA0.54$7,969,545XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(EXEL)EXELIXIS INC0.52$7,724,768XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(ALKS)ALKERMES INC0.52$7,655,346XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ISIS)ISIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.48$7,053,428XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(SVNT)SAVIENT PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.46$6,867,420XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(VPHM)VIROPHARMA INC0.44$6,533,879XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ALNY)ALNYLAM PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.43$6,312,728XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(ALTH)ALLOS THERAPEUTICS INC0.40$5,871,211XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(MNTA)MOMENTA PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.40$5,856,006XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(ISPH)INSPIRE PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.39$5,847,920XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(AMAG)AMAG PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.37$5,518,131XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(GERN)GERON CORP0.37$5,470,253XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(PDLI)PDL BIOPHARMA INC0.35$5,180,919XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(LMNX)LUMINEX CORP0.35$5,152,192XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(THRX)THERAVANCE INC0.33$4,874,746XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(VVUS)VIVUS INC0.32$4,694,216XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ENZN)ENZON PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.31$4,643,551XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(HALO)HALOZYME THERAPEUTICS INC0.29$4,321,807XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(GHDX)GENOMIC HEALTH INC0.29$4,306,965XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(TRGT)TARGACEPT INC0.29$4,289,796XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(MITI)MICROMET INC0.29$4,245,100XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(CRA)CELERA CORP0.27$4,063,908XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(AFFX)AFFYMETRIX INC0.27$3,942,706XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(ZGEN)ZYMOGENETICS INC0.26$3,846,485XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(FACT)FACET BIOTECH CORP0.24$3,492,911XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(CADX)CADENCE PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.23$3,362,591XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(RIGL)RIGEL PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.22$3,318,324XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(OPTR)OPTIMER PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.22$3,266,826XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(NABI)NABI BIOPHARMACEUTICALS0.22$3,246,280XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(SQNM)SEQUENOM INC0.21$3,057,408XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(CRME)CARDIOME PHARMA CORPORATION0.20$2,947,086XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(AMRI)ALBANY MOLECULAR RESEARCH0.19$2,851,200XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(QCOR)QUESTCOR PHARMACEUTICALS0.18$2,622,968XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(IMGN)IMMUNOGEN INC0.17$2,489,472XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(OREX)OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS INC0.17$2,463,390XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(MDCO)MEDICINES COMPANY0.17$2,447,920XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(OSIR)OSIRIS THERAPEUTICS INC0.16$2,376,298XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(IMMU)IMMUNOMEDICS INC0.16$2,368,146XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(QLTI)QLT INC0.16$2,335,128XNGSBiotechnology1.00
(DYAX)DYAX CORP0.15$2,290,271XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(OMPI)OBAGI MEDICAL PRODUCTS INC0.15$2,260,148XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ARIA)ARIAD PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.15$2,255,555XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(BMTI)BIOMIMETIC THERAPEUTICS INC0.15$2,147,103XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(LXRX)LEXICON PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.14$2,119,211XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(XNPT)XENOPORT INC0.14$2,112,143XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(SNTS)SANTARUS INC0.14$2,042,308XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ARNA)ARENA PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.14$2,007,325XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(LGND)LIGAND PHARMACEUTICALS-CL B0.13$1,879,090XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(SGMO)SANGAMO BIOSCIENCES INC0.13$1,851,528XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(NVAX)NOVAVAX INC0.12$1,826,264XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(PTIE)PAIN THERAPEUTICS INC0.12$1,818,444XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(BJGP)BMP SUNSTONE CORP0.12$1,760,633XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(CYPB)CYPRESS BIOSCIENCE INC0.12$1,759,411XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(POZN)POZEN INC0.11$1,697,642XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(DRRX)DURECT CORPORATION0.11$1,642,733XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(MAXY)MAXYGEN INC0.11$1,611,328XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(FLML)FLAMEL TECHNOLOGIES-SP ADR0.11$1,605,100XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(VNDA)VANDA PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.11$1,603,916XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(SIGA)SIGA TECHNOLOGIES INC0.11$1,600,469XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(CSKI)CHINA SKY ONE MEDICAL INC0.11$1,557,747XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(CYTK)CYTOKINETICS INC0.10$1,520,609XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(SPPI)SPECTRUM PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.10$1,480,651XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(HITK)HI-TECH PHARMACAL CO INC0.10$1,462,468XNGSPharmaceuticals1.00
(IDIX)IDENIX PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.09$1,403,637XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(SUPG)SUPERGEN INC0.09$1,390,714XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(PGNX)PROGENICS PHARMACEUTICALS0.09$1,338,443XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(GTXI)GTX INC0.09$1,328,900XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(NPSP)NPS PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.09$1,301,748XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(AKRX)AKORN INC0.08$1,165,587XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(DEPO)DEPOMED INC0.08$1,130,468XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(STEM)STEMCELLS INC0.08$1,121,001XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(ARQL)ARQULE INC0.07$1,049,693XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(ADLR)ADOLOR CORPORATION0.06$957,251XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(BIOD)BIODEL INC0.06$853,403XNMSBiotechnology1.00
BLACKROCK FDS III0.05$796,699S-T Securities1.00
(XOMA)XOMA LTD0.05$776,901XNMS 1.00
(VICL)VICAL INC0.05$776,609XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(ALXA)ALEXZA PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.05$764,559XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(ARRY)ARRAY BIOPHARMA INC0.05$740,669XNMSBiotechnology1.00
(SNTA)SYNTA PHARMACEUTICALS CORP0.04$630,666XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(DSCO)DISCOVERY LABORATORIES INC0.04$598,452XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(PARD)PONIARD PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.04$582,596XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00
(CBRX)COLUMBIA LABORATORIES INC0.03$491,356XNMSPharmaceuticals1.00

Chart for iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB)



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