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ProfNet Experts Available on Valentine's Day, Eldercare, Healthy Eating and More

Friday, February 8, 2013 10:45 AM

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  • Design Considerations for Eldercare Housing
  • Valentine Engagement? Consider a Prenup
  • Six Love Styles to Help You Communicate How You Feel
  • Healthy Eating in 2013
  • Diet Betters Beware: Red Flags for Pound-Shedding Profit-Seekers
  • Ten Commandments of Cellphone Use
  • Give Your Kitchen a Spring Makeover
  • Protecting Hockey Players' Feet/Ankles
  • The Role of Mediation in Parenting Plans and Asset Allocation
  • Proposed Legislation to Help Sandy Victims Needs Doesn't Protect Property Owner Rights
  • Single Parents Can Keep Children Involved in Dating Process


  • Financial News Editor – TheStreet.com (New York)
  • M&A Researcher – The Deal (New York)
  • Business Team Leader – Times-Union Media (Jacksonville, Fla.)


  • Tips for Beating Blog Burnout
  • Grammar Hammer: Where It's at
  • Blog Notes: Celebrating Black History Month



Design Considerations for Eldercare Housing
James T. Moyer, AIA, LEED AP
SAS Architects & Planners
"Depending on a building's age and configuration, we frequently encounter design challenges such as: creating public spaces in the right configuration; maximizing space; overcoming a long, double-loaded corridor; and creating a functional, safe and secure progression of space." Moyer is principal of SAS Architects & Planners, a full-service firm that has designed more than 120 eldercare projects nationwide. He is available to talk about design considerations involved with the current trend of converting existing eldercare housing into spaces that provide specialized support and care -- for example, transforming independent or assisted living into memory support or dementia care. He is based in the Chicago suburbs.
Website: http://www.sasarch.com
Media Contact: Cindy Martin, cindy@clmcomm.com

Valentine Engagement? Consider a Prenup
Mary Jo McCurley
Family Law Attorney
McCurley Orsinger McCurley Nelson & Downing, L.L.P. in Dallas
"Valentine's Day may be a popular date for couples to get engaged, but the newly betrothed would be wise to take a deep breath and consider whether they should sign a premarital agreement before tying the knot. Particularly if one or both people have significant assets or liabilities, spelling out what is separate property and what is community property can minimize conflict should the couple ever split. Nobody wants to believe they could get divorced, but the sad truth is that divorce happens, even when the couple starts out with the best of intentions. Having a sound premarital agreement can remove a significant source of conflict."
News Contact: Rhonda Reddick, rhonda@androvett.com

Six Love Styles to Help You Communicate How You Feel
Dr. Kate Dunleavy
La Salle University
"As Valentine's Day is a holiday focused on love, it is a good idea to recognize that we don't all express in the same way." Dunleavy studies communication in relationships, and says there are six love styles we use to communicate how we feel: 1) Eros: a physical love. The personal is mostly interested in physicality of a relationship, often more so than other aspects. Very critical of physical appearance. 2) Ludus: game-playing love. The person must always be in control of the love, whereas love often takes control over a person. Likes the chase, and often becomes disinterested when the chase is over. 3) Storge: peaceful love from friendship. The love is arrived at slowly, so slowly the people have difficulty determining where the change occurred. The sexual aspect comes much later and is never the focus of the relationship. 4) Pragma: practicality. Sees relationships for the potential for a more effective life. Much more logical than emotional. Their relationships rarely end because they were so practical in finding a mate that is best suited for their lifestyle. Example: Bill and Hilary Clinton. 5) Mania: extreme emotions associated with the relationship. This person gives self over to love to such an extent that it can lead to anxiousness and fear the love will go away. Experiences jealousy very easily and can shift emotions about the relationship quickly. 6) Agape: selfless and completely compassionate love. Doesn't expect or need reciprocity. More of a philosophical love (like the love a parent has for a child -- unconditional).
Media Contact: Jon Caroulis, caroulis@lasalle.edu

Healthy Eating in 2013
John Bornoty
Founder and Owner
The Big Salad
"Everyone knows that eating healthy, nutritious and low-calorie salads, soups and sandwiches can help the weight disappear. I can help people understand the kinds of foods that will help them quickly take the pounds off without starving themselves. For example, your choice of salad dressing and toppings can make a big difference in the amount of calories you're consuming."
The Big Salad is a healthy-eating, fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in custom-made salads, healthy soups and sumptuous sandwiches.
Media Contact: Sue Voyles, sue@logos-communications.com

Diet Betters Beware: Red Flags for Pound-Shedding Profit-Seekers
David Roddenberry
"With multiple highly credible studies underscoring the effectiveness of employing financial incentives to motivate weight loss, including those cited in the Archives of Internal Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association, the marketplace has followed suit with various companies now offering the opportunity to 'diet for dollars.' But, how can health-seekers discern if a website offering to pay for lost pounds is legit? Heed my list of red flags that can indicate a weight-loss company offering monetary rewards may not be on the up-and-up."
Media Contact: Merilee Kern, merilee@kerncommunications.com

Ten Commandments of Cellphone Use
Paul Holstein
"Proper cellphone etiquette protocols are often forgotten -- and, unfortunately, many conduct themselves inappropriately when using a mobile phone in public. With this in mind, I've devised 10 commandments of proper and courteous cellphone use. For example, stash your cell when dining out. When people spend money on a dinner out, the last thing they want is to become a captive audience to a third-party cell phone conversation. If you're eating in public, especially in the company of others, stash the cell phone (and turn off the ringer) until the meal is over. Everyone, including you, will enjoy themselves even more."
Media Contact: Merilee Kern, merilee@kerncommunications.com

Give Your Kitchen a Spring Makeover
Libby Langdon
Libby Interiors, Inc.
"The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, so why not create one where you'll love to spend time -- without over-spending? For example, use two smaller under-the-counter refrigerators, instead of one large model, which can visually overwhelm a small kitchen. Also, consider an 18"-wide dishwasher and microwave, as opposed to the standard 24" models. Don't reuse old appliances! You may think you're saving money, but an old appliance will totally stick out in your new design and mean higher electricity bills." Langdon is the host and lead designer on the FOX makeover show "Design Invasion," and has made appearances on other popular TV shows, including "BetterTV," NBC's "Open House NYC," "The Early Show," "The View," and on "The Rachael Ray Show" as Ray's go-to interior design guru. She is available for in-person interviews in the New York metro area, or via phone, email or video conference. She can share tips for getting the most bang out of your buck when renovating a kitchen, as well as "insider secrets" on how to add color to brighten up a dimly lit kitchen and how to choose the best refrigerator for your kitchen's design. Whether it's a total renovation or a simple spring makeover, she can tell readers when to splurge and save when designing any kitchen. To view some of her recent TV design makeovers, visit: http://www.libbylangdon.com/lxtv.shtml
Media Contact: Lauren Macon, lmacon@thehalogroup.com

Protecting Hockey Players' Feet/Ankles
Frank McClelland
Respond, Inc.
"Until the last few years, hockey players had few effective options available to protect themselves from season- or even career-ending foot and ankle injuries." McClelland can talk about new options for protecting the feet and ankles of hockey players -- including college players, adult amateurs and pros -- from flying pucks and flailing sticks. Working with the product development center at Lake Superior State University, McClelland invented Skate Fenders, a patented safety product that protects the feet and ankles of hockey players. It is currently being used by 22 NHL teams, several college teams and a growing number of amateur players. An amateur hockey player himself, McClelland is based in Gaylord, Mich.
Website: http://www.skatefenders.com
Media Contact: Cindy Martin, cindy@clmcomm.com

The Role of Mediation in Parenting Plans and Asset Allocation
Arianna Jeret
Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach
"Mediation provides a forum in which you can step back from the fight and participate in productive conversations towards the most emotionally and financially secure future possible. A mediator's goal is to help couples simplify confusing issues, work creatively through road blocks, and plan for a non-adversarial new chapter in their lives."
Jeret has 15 years of experience developing, evaluating and guiding social service programs. She has facilitated several complex committees and co-authored an article on identity formation in teens that became the backbone of one of the country's most successful private philanthropic ventures. Since focusing on private practice in family law mediation in 2010, Jeret has been featured on online radio programs and was also sought out to custom-design and teach a specialized lecture, "Expanding Social Work Practice Options: Basics of Mediation," for the Orange County Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers at the University of Southern California School of Social Work. She is a member of the Southern California Mediation Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, as well an associate member of the South Bay Chapter of the American Bar Association.
Website: http://www.ajmediation.com
Media Contact: Lisa Layne, lisalayne@lettucepr.com

Proposed Legislation to Help Sandy Victims Needs Doesn't Protect Property Owner Rights
Scott Mager
Storm Help Team
"In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, residents and businesses are feeling the pain and injustice of delayed payment or outright rejection of property claims. Legislation needs to be enacted immediately that promotes the full and quicker payment of property damage claims. New York legislators are beginning to respond. For example, Bill A-2287 purports to provide a Homeowner's Bill of Rights that explains important information about insurance policies, exclusions and the processes relating to a property damage claim. Another bill, A-1092, seeks to create specific standards for investigating and paying claims. With great respect for these legislative efforts, while both bills forge admirable first steps designed to protect citizens, they do not go nearly far enough to ensure that residents and businesses whom have faithfully paid their insurance premiums for years will receive full compensation in a timely manner." Mager is a nationally recognized attorney who has been on the ground in the devastated New York tri-state area, speaking to large community groups and organizations about the steps they can take to obtain rightful reimbursement for their property losses. He is working with a multi-disciplinary organization called Storm Help Team to help make that happen. Mager has seen all sides of insurance claims, having served as the top lawyer at one of the largest insurance companies in the world and honored as their National Litigator of the Year, and having devoted time to helping thousands of property owners expedite their insurance claims after numerous hurricanes in the past decade.
Residents in the New York metropolitan area and throughout New Jersey, including the devastated shore areas, can contact Storm Help Team at call (855) 58-STORM to secure an extensive amount of insurance-related resources, obtain review of their claims, and receive critical information on how to process their claims to maximize the chances for getting the most money quickly.
Website: http://www.stormhelpteam.org
Media Contact: Tyra Haag, tyra@marybethwest.com

Single Parents Can Keep Children Involved in Dating Process
Kerri Zane
Relationship/dating and lifestyle expert
"Online dating sites can seem overwhelming and rather scary. It is understandable, therefore, that single individuals are weary of taking the plunge. One of the greatest perks to online dating is that sons and daughters can be involved in helping their single parent find a match." Zane, an Emmy Award-winning executive producer, is a healthy-living expert, single mom advisor, author, and international public speaker for highly motivated affluent single parents who want to make their relationships and the quality of their life experience matter more. Zane is the originator of the unique and powerful counseling process, The 5 Finger Philosophy, a life-altering and empowering process for all single parents to ultimately and once and for all have a happily ever after "REALationship." Zane has an M.A. in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.A. in sociology from UCLA. She has served as a TV and film instructor at UCLA Extension School, is a working member of N.A.T.A.S., the Directors Guild of America, and is an ACE-certified personal trainer and weight management consultant. She is a single parent of two daughters and resides in Long Beach, Calif.
Website: http://www.kerrizane.com
Media Contact: Lisa Layne, lisalayne@lettucepr.com



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