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Tethys Petroleum Limited: 2012 Annual Results and Operations Update

Sunday, March 31, 2013 8:00 PM


GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS -- (Marketwire) -- 04/01/13 -- Tethys Petroleum Limited ("Tethys" or the "Company") (TSX:TPL)(LSE:TPL) today announced its Annual Results for the period ended December 31, 2012. The financials are highlighted by a 66% increase in annual oil and gas revenue and the first year in which the Company has generated a cash profit.(1)

Financial Highlights

--  Oil and gas sales of USD38.11 million, an increase of 66% on 2011 
--  A cash profit1 for the year of USD3.42 million compared to a cash loss1
    of USD3.93 million in 2011 
--  Increase in oil and gas revenues from USD6.49 million (Q1) to USD11.43
    million (Q4) and from a cash loss1 of USD1.65 million (Q1) to a cash
    profit1 of USD2.34 million (Q4) 
--  USD1.36 million net cash generated from operating activities compared to
    USD12.56 million used in operating activities in 2011 
--  Net cash used in investing activities of USD15.73 million compared to
    USD52.20 million in 2011 
--  Accounting Loss for the year of USD20.90 million, a decrease of 23% on

Production and Reserves Highlights

--  Oil production (before the deduction of local governments' share or
    taxation) increased from 2,148 bopd (2011) to 3,371 bopd (2012), an
    increase of 57% and has increased over the year to reach a rate of 4,381
    bopd in Q4. Similarly boe production has increased to 6,313 boepd in
    2012 compared to 5,656 boepd in 2011 
--  In the reserve audit report produced by Gustavson Associates, and
    effective date December 31, 2012, the following gross figures are(2): 
    --  1P - 14.8 MMboe 
    --  2P - 26.1 MMboe 
    --  3P - 41.0 MMboe 
    --  With 1P oil reserves more than replaced due to strong Doris field
        performance (Reserve Replacement Ratio of 126%) 
--  NPV10 of the Company's 2P Kazakh reserves (from Gustavson) is USD310

Operational Highlights


--  Updated Kazakh independent Resource Report estimates the gross unrisked
    recoverable mean prospective oil resources to be 1.23 billion barrels of
    oil plus 634 Bcf of natural gas 
--  Aral Oil Terminal commenced operations, Phase 2 completed and awaiting
    final State approval 
--  Two new gas supply contracts signed effectively doubling the price for
    to USD65 (USD72.8 including VAT) per 1,000 cubic metres (previously
    USD32.5 including VAT for the Kyzyloi and Akkulka Fields) 
--  Akkulka Exploration Contract term extended to March 2015 
--  Kul-Bas Exploration and Production Contract term extended to November
    2015 (subject to usual contract amendments) 


--  Signed Farm Out Agreement ("FOA") for the Bokhtar Production Sharing
    Contract ("PSC") with subsidiaries of Total S.A. ("Total") and the China
    National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation ("CNODC") 
--  Updated Tajik independent Resource Report estimates gross unrisked mean
    recoverable resources to be 27.5 billion boe 
--  Completed acquisition of 501 km of new seismic data 


--  Signed Production Enhancement Contract for a new oil field, the Chegara
    Group of Fields, in Uzbekistan 
--  Signed MOU to provide the framework for a Joint Study and the
    negotiation process for an Exploration Agreement relating to certain
    exploration blocks in the North Ustyurt Basin of Uzbekistan - the same
    basin which contains the Doris oil discovery 

Operational Update


It is expected that the FOA for the Company's Tajik assets will be completed in Q2 2013. The Tajik Government has approved the participation of subsidiaries of Total and CNPC in the Bokhtar Production Sharing Contract and remaining points are now being finalized. All three parties are working hard jointly to achieve closing as soon as possible.

As part of the transaction, the new Joint Operating Company will present a comprehensive work programme upon completion of the FOA for the remainder of 2013.


In Kazakhstan in 2013, the Company plans to drill up to three wells targeting oil on the Akkulka Exploration Contract area.

The first well is firm and is expected to commence drilling in June 2013 and will target the Doto prospect nearby to the Doris oil discovery. This well has a relatively low risk in the exploration portfolio and is targeting mean unrisked prospective recoverable resources of 21.6 MMbbls (Gustavson Associates) in the Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic.

Following the increase in gas price in early 2013, further work will be carried out to increase production including workovers on the AKK05 and AKK14 wells in Q2 which will be tied in to the gas pipeline thereafter. A further programme will follow to include tie-in of additional wells and the drilling of further shallow gas exploration prospects in the area which are clearly defined on the seismic data as strong amplitude anomalies.

It is planned to test (including acidisation) the previously drilled KBD01 ("Kalypso") well, which contains a 100 metre (328 feet) gross section in Permo-Carboniferous limestones which is interpreted to contain moveable hydrocarbons based on wireline logs and mud log data. It is also planned to acquire additional seismic this year on the Kul-Bas and Akkulka Contract Areas.

The activities planned in Kazakhstan as described above are contingent on availability of funding, and the Company will provide a more detailed capital programme breakdown on closing of the Tajikistan farm-out, which is expected in Q2.

The full Annual Results together with a Management Discussion & Analysis and Annual Information Form have been filed with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities. Copies of the filed documents may be obtained via SEDAR at www.sedar.com or on Tethys' website at www.tethyspetroleum.com. The summary financial statements are attached to this press release.

The Company's 2012 financial statements are prepared under International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS").

The above highlights along with other operational and financial details will be further discussed in a scheduled conference call. Details of the conference call can be found below:

Conference Call:

A conference call will be held at 10:00 Eastern Daylight Savings Time (15:00 British Summer Time) on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. The North American conference call number is 866-515-2912 and the outside North America conference call number is +1 617-399-5126. The conference call code to use is 50738618. Please call in about 10 minutes before the starting time in order to be patched into the call.


The call is being webcast and can be accessed at:


Tethys is focused on oil and gas exploration and production activities in Central Asia with activities currently in the Republics of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. This highly prolific oil and gas area is rapidly developing and Tethys believes that significant potential exists in both exploration and in discovered deposits.

Cautionary Statements:

This press release contains "forward-looking information" which may include, but is not limited to, statements with respect to our operations, completion of the FAO and drilling, testing and well workover programmes for 2013. Such forward-looking statements reflect our current views with respect to future events and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions, including the risk that completion of the FOA will be delayed beyond Q2 and the risk of changes in our drilling, testing and well workover programmes. See our Annual Information Form for the year ended December 31, 2012 for a description of risks and uncertainties relevant to our business, including our exploration activities. A barrel of oil equivalent ("boe") conversion ratio of 6,000 cubic feet (169.9 cubic metres) of natural gas = 1 barrel of oil has been used and is based on the standard energy equivalency conversion method primarily applicable at the burner tip and does not represent a value equivalency at the wellhead.

The references in this press release to "prospective resources" means those quantities of petroleum estimated, as of June 30, 2012, to be potentially recoverable from undiscovered accumulations by application of future development projects. Prospective resources have both an associated chance of discovery and a chance of development. There is no certainty that any portion of these resources will be discovered. If discovered, there is no certainty that it will be commercially viable to produce any portion of these resources.

The resources estimates contained or referred to are estimates only and are not meant to provide a determination as to the volume or value of hydrocarbons attributable to the Company's properties. There are numerous uncertainties inherent in estimating quantities of resources and cash flows that may be derived, including many factors that are beyond the control of the Company. The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors which may have a significant impact on the above estimates of prospective resources: despite the classification that they are as yet undiscovered but may be potentially recoverable the Company may be unable to carry out the development or their potential recovery; the activity may not be economically viable; the Company may not have sufficient capital or time to develop them; there may be no market or transportation routes for the production; legal, contractual, environmental and governmental concerns might not allow for the recovery being undertaken; reservoir characteristics might prevent recovery. The recovery of the resources is subject to the following risks and uncertainties: market fluctuations, the proximity and capacity of oil and gas pipelines and processing equipment, government regulation, political issues, export issues, competing suppliers, operational issues (exploration, production, pricing, marketing and transportation), extensive controls and regulations imposed by various levels of government, lack of capital or income, the ability to drill productive wells at acceptable costs, the uncertainty of drilling operations, factors such as delays, accidents, adverse weather conditions, and the availability of drilling rigs and the delivery of equipment.

Non GAAP Measures:

This press release includes references to Non GAAP measures, including " cash profit" and "cash loss." These terms do not have any standardized meaning under IFRS. Cash profit (cash loss) is also referred to as profit (loss) before non-cash items in the Management Discussion & Analysis for the year ended December 31, 2012 and is defined as revenue less production costs, administrative costs, listing expenses, business development expenses and foreign exchange. See page 11 to the Management Discussion & Analysis for the year ended December 31, 2012 for a reconciliation of these amounts to IFRS measures.

(1) These terms are Non-GAAP measures. See "Non-GAAP Measures" above.

(2) "1P" means Proved Reserves; "2P" means Proved plus Probable Reserves and "3P" means Proved plus Probable plus Possible Reserves.

Tethys Petroleum Limited                                                    
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position                                
(in US dollars)                                                             
                                                        As at December 31   
                                                            2012       2011 
                                                           $'000      $'000 
Non-current assets                                                          
Intangible assets                                        107,374     99,959 
Property, plant and equipment                            121,097    128,918 
Restricted cash                                            1,543      1,407 
Prepayments and other receivables                          6,444     10,217 
Investment in jointly controlled entities                  1,116      1,113 
                                                         237,574    241,614 
Current assets                                                              
Inventories                                                2,046      2,025 
Trade and other receivables                                7,703      5,478 
Loan receivable from jointly controlled entity             2,403      2,013 
Cash and cash equivalents                                  1,750     10,746 
Restricted cash                                              477        885 
Derivative financial instruments - interest rate swap          -        630 
                                                          14,379     21,777 
Total assets                                             251,953    263,391 
Equity attributable to shareholders                                         
Share capital                                             28,671     28,669 
Share premium                                            306,725    306,725 
Other reserves                                            41,705     38,530 
Accumulated deficit                                     (165,385)  (144,962)
Non-controlling interest                                   8,437      8,918 
Total equity                                             220,153    237,880 
Non-current liabilities                                                     
Financial liabilities - borrowings                         3,688      1,632 
Deferred taxation                                          2,912      2,111 
Trade and other payables                                     351        547 
Asset retirement obligations                                 524        386 
                                                           7,475      4,676 
Current liabilities                                                         
Financial liabilities - borrowings                        13,625      8,396 
Derivative financial instruments - warrants                  523        264 
Derivative financial instruments - foreign currency                         
 hedge                                                         -        157 
Current taxation                                             233          - 
Deferred revenue                                           1,713      1,839 
Trade and other payables                                   8,231     10,179 
                                                          24,325     20,835 
Total liabilities                                         31,800     25,511 
Total shareholders' equity and liabilities               251,953    263,391 
Tethys Petroleum Limited                                                    
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income                              
(in US dollars)                                                             
                                                       Year ended December  
                                                           2012        (re- 
                                                          $'000  presented) 
Sales and other operating revenues                       38,107      22,922 
Other operating income                                        -       7,375 
Total revenue and other income                           38,107      30,297 
Production expenditures                                 (12,970)    (10,785)
Depreciation, depletion and amortization                (18,424)    (13,111)
Impairment charge                                             -      (8,983)
Unsuccessful exploration and evaluation expenditures     (1,093)     (1,807)
Listing expenses                                              -        (606)
Business development expenses                            (1,591)     (3,149)
Administrative expenses                                 (19,673)    (19,763)
Share based payments                                     (2,932)     (3,814)
Foreign exchange (loss) / gain - net                       (455)         74 
Fair value gain / (loss) - net on derivative                                
 financial instrument                                        53        (625)
Gain on previously held interest in jointly                                 
 controlled entity                                            -      27,381 
Loss on settlement of pre-existing loan relationship          -     (24,423)
Profit / (loss) from jointly controlled entity              191        (722)
Finance (costs) / income - net                           (1,083)      1,100 
Loss before taxation                                    (19,870)    (28,936)
Taxation                                                 (1,034)      1,947 
Loss for the year                                       (20,904)    (26,989)
Loss attributable to:                                                       
Shareholders                                            (20,423)    (26,939)
Non-controlling interest                                   (481)        (50)
Loss for the year                                       (20,904)    (26,989)
Loss per share attributable to shareholders                                 
Basic and diluted                                         (0.07)      (0.10)
No dividends were paid or are declared for the year                         
 (2011 - $Nil).                                                             
Tethys Petroleum Limited                                                    
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows                                        
(in US dollars)                                                             
                                                            Year ended      
                                                           December 31,     
                                                            2012       2011 
                                                           $'000      $'000 
Cash flow from operating activities                                         
Loss before taxation                                     (19,870)   (28,936)
Adjustments for                                                             
  Share based payments                                     2,932      3,814 
  Net finance cost / (income)                              1,083     (1,100)
  Unsuccessful exploration and evaluation expenditures       955      1,807 
  Depreciation, depletion and amortization                18,424     13,111 
  Impairment charge                                            -      8,983 
  Loss on disposal of assets                                   -         96 
  Fair value (gain) / loss on derivative financial                          
   instrument                                                (53)       625 
  Gain on previously held interest in SSEC                     -    (27,381)
  Loss on settlement of pre-existing loan relationship         -     24,423 
  Net unrealised foreign exchange loss / (gain)               46        (72)
  (Profit) / loss from jointly controlled entity            (191)       722 
  Deferred revenue                                          (126)      (611)
  Other operating income                                       -     (7,375)
  Net change in non-cash working capital                  (1,842)      (664)
Net cash used in operating activities                      1,358    (12,558)
Cash flow from investing activities                                         
Interest received                                              6        138 
Expenditure on exploration and evaluation assets          (7,764)   (11,633)
Expenditures on property, plant and equipment             (9,737)   (30,269)
Movement in restricted cash                                  272     (1,277)
Acquisition of subsidiary, net of cash received                -     (6,785)
Payments made on behalf of jointly controlled entity           -    (18,292)
Movement in advances to construction contractors             778      2,490 
Movement in value added tax receivable                     2,995     (2,982)
Net change in non-cash working capital                    (2,279)       682 
Net cash used in investing activities                    (15,729)   (67,928)
Cash flow from financing activities                                         
Investment in jointly controlled entity                       (3)    (1,113)
Proceeds from issuance of borrowings - net of issue                         
 costs                                                    15,670      2,393 
Repayment of borrowings                                   (8,563)      (642)
Interest paid on borrowings                               (1,433)      (356)
Non-current other payables                                  (283)      (284)
Proceeds from issuance of equity, net of issue costs           -     12,109 
Net cash generated from financing activities               5,388     12,107 
Effects of exchange rate changes on cash and cash                           
 equivalents                                                 (13)       (10)
Net decrease in cash and cash equivalents                 (8,996)   (68,389)
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of the year        10,746     79,135 
Cash and cash equivalents at end of the year               1,750     10,746 

North America
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