7 Ways The Adult Industry Has Influenced Modern Technology

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Content reserved for adults has been available on the internet since it got introduced back in the 90s. According to the statistics, some of the most popular websites have over 80 million visitors per day, which is much more than any other website today. 

Even though it is considered taboo, people are aware that everyone loves to check some of these sites at least from time to time. There are all kinds of genres available for people with different preferences. In case that you are interested in some of the best websites available, check out TopPornGuide.com.

Moreover, it is interesting how this industry is affecting technology by embracing improvements in digital technology, new services, and many other features. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the main ways of how the adult industry managed to influence the tech industry.

1. Rivalry Between VHS and Betamax

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One of the most interesting facts related to the influence of the adult industry on technology is related to the huge competition between cassette tape producers and brands that were popular during the 70s and 80s. The two most popular options were VHS and Betamax.

Both of these could provide high quality and it was simple to connect them with TV. However, the production was much easier with VHS, which leads this industry to use only that format for their movies. According to the statistics from that time, most of all content shared on VHS was related to the adult industry, which was one of the main reasons why people were more interested in that format.

The high popularity lasted until DVD was introduced in the 90s. Moreover, another interesting fact is that by the end of the 90s, most of the DVDs that were sold were all adult movies.

2. Improved Features on Cable TV

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Big companies recognized that X-rated movies are very popular and that they can use them for special commercials and increased sales. However, the problem was related to the visibility and availability of these channels. Some TV channels tried to get away free by streaming these movies in late hours. 

However, it was necessary to distinguish them from regular TV options. That is the moment when cable operators introduced a new feature where you can lock certain channels and prevent the kids from watching them.

3. Fast Internet Connection

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Even though these movies became available online during the 90s, the main issue was related to the speed of the internet at that time. You had to wait for hours, or even days to download a movie. Therefore, we assume that websites that stream this content and their high popularity represent a big factor that is affecting developers and providers to work on new methods and increase the speed of internet connection.

4. Internet Marketing and Online Stores

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Another huge influence is related to online promotions and the ability to shop online. Websites that are streaming adult content are one of the first where you could pay to have your commercial on the website. Also, they are the first service that introduced the ability to pay for a subscription and get a chance to watch some exclusive content. There are still many websites today where you have to pay for a subscription to watch their content. 

Also, online shops were introduced through these websites as well, and you could find all sorts of products like toys, pills, DVDs, banners, and more. People have noticed the popularity of these options, and they figured out that they can be implemented in many other services today. That led to the format of internet that we are using today, with lots of commercials and online stores.

5. Streaming Services

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There were many websites where you could watch videos long before YouTube and similar platforms became available. The high popularity of these videos in the 90s has motivated developers to find the way and create new platforms that can play videos online without the need to download them. That was the first step in the development of modern online services where you can watch millions of videos and live streams at any moment.

6. Social Media and Gadgets

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Before the existence of MySpace and several other platforms that were popular before Facebook, the only available websites where you could leave your information and photos were adult sites used for meeting other people. That was also the first form of dating sites as well. During the 90s, you could share short videos and low-quality pictures of yourself. 

However, things started to change over time. One of the most popular streaming websites today is OnlyFans. On the other side, we can notice that some developers are working on new gadgets that people can use when they are not together. That can improve the sensation and improve their connection when partners are separated at the moment.

7. Artificial Intelligence

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Another huge influence is on the AI and modern devices. We can notice the big improvements in the production of sex dolls. Developers are making them to appear closer to real people. AI is playing a big role here since they are integrating functions in these robots to make them available to talk and react on the moves of the user. That bring the experience to be much closer to interactions with real people. 

Last Words

This industry is one of the most popular in the world today, and we think that it will remain since people love pleasure and entertainment. Also, technology is very important for it as well. New devices will lead to improved experience, while developers are working on new materials that can be used in some other spheres as well. For example, researches related to materials used in the production of sex toys can be implemented in orthodontics as well. 

When we look at the improvements in the past, we can assume that it will continue to influence the technology in many ways, especially when it comes to the development of new devices, improvements of internet, online platforms, marketing, and more.


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