What Are The Best Apps For Finding Unusual Options Activity In The Markets?

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Trading and investing in stocks is stealing the limelight with each passing day. Unusual options activity is a common trend to enhance your luck while trading. It helps in identifying when large corporations are buying or selling their shares.

The analysis of unusual activity can be done with the help of market scanning apps. You will find a discussion below regarding some of the top market scanning apps.


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This is the most user-friendly app for options trading. The app will acquaint you with real-time market data, options and stocks alert, ETFs and stock screeners. Even amateur users can get on this app and navigate through the easy interface.

If you want to enhance your knowledge about the stock market, use the learn blog tool of the app. The news feed section is constantly updated, and you receive information about all the important stocks.


This app is most appropriate for following smart money in the crucial option trades on Wall Street. It can scan, monitor and analyze the way stock option contracts flow. The app has a predefined scanner that can help you discover creative ideas for trading. All the stocks are monitored and scanned into two categories- the bearish trades and the bullish trades.

In this app, a sweep scanner, block trades and dark pool orders are implemented. The app is also beneficial for scanning stock positions with higher contract volume than the open interest rate on the last day of trading. The app will display the results in the form of option prices, charts, technical analysis, volatility and strike prices.

It is also possible to adjust the filters such as volume, days to expiration and number of option contracts. The filters will let you choose between ATM, ITM and OTM options. If you want, you can also change the criteria for bid-ask-spread. Some other features such as company financials, net UOA traded, and a watch list is also added. If you use this app, you will receive a notification right after a relevant trade is detected.

Market Chameleon

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The research and scanning function of this app is quite beneficial for options trading. The most useful characteristic of this app is the implied volatility rankings, buy-write-searches. You can also get the feature of order flow sentiment and options volume apart from the unusual options scanning feature.

The app also includes various screeners, earnings calendar, options chain, dividend monitor and web-based tools for research. The additional perks of this app include the following functions.

  • Intraday announcements for dividend
  • Updates on earnings
  • Download historical prices and minute VWAP data
  • Historical options chains
  • Trade reports and option block trades
  • Screeners for covered calls

If you get the full access subscription to this app, you will get an array of data and scans. The subscription for total access is worthwhile and offers the best value. Users have the facility of downloading the scan reports and data to their computers from this app. They can use this data for further analysis of the stock market.

Black Box Stocks

This app is one of the most powerful dark pool scanners for options trading. It can provide analysis of options flow, options alerts, and news. Black Box Stocks will also provide you with an options heat map.

The scan results are accompanied by a symbol, timestamp, expiration date, spot, type, value and strike price. The app also provides a Discord chat room, trading signals for stocks and options and a private Twitter group.

It is like an entire community for traders with an additional feature of options scanning. Black Box Stocks is easy to use for beginners. It offers training sessions related to stocks and options so that beginners can learn. Beginners can also follow the discussion and weekly events related to the stock market to expand their knowledge.

Benzinga Pro

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Bending is the best website for obtaining market news. The Pro version of the app can help you filter your search using keywords and other custom filters. Stock traders prefer the pro as it helps in getting the news they require out of all the other news.

On the other hand, the signals tool on this app is favored by the options traders. It is possible to filter out options activities with large blocks, aggressive trades, and options sweeps.

An outstanding characteristic of this app is that you can figure out if the option order got implemented at the ask, bid or outside. The app also provides access to a chat room and a stock screener. The discussion of trading strategies on the app can be beneficial for beginners.

Option Trading Alerts

Some people prefer customized options trading alerts. The app will send you notifications regarding the following:

Seeking Alpha

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You will be able to review plenty of pre-designed scanners of stock on the app. You can verify information related to any segment of the stock market. It is also possible to launch your own stock scanners on this app. Seeking Alpha offers another feature that refers to portfolio management.

Invest in options that have potential and remove flagging stocks from your portfolio. The app allows you to gather information related to stocks as given by your favorite authors. If you want, subscribe to the Seeking Alpha newsletter.

It will ensure that you receive alerts regarding some specific stocks. Seeking Alpha is a great way for you to linger in the stock market. You can do it for free or invest according to your financial status.


You can make an account for free and obtain some user experience from this stock screener app. The search parameters available on Sigma make it highly effective options screening. The parameters are on sliding scales, so users don’t need to manually enter anything.

The search results are updated quite frequently. The quick view tool on this app can help you gather bits and pieces of information about the company.

The price trend of companies is illustrated with the help of mini charts and key performance indicators. When you add a company to your portfolio, you get a professional level of financial data. The proprietary stock analysis feature is available to premium users. It has been developed by qualified Wall Street analysts.


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This app offers a wide range of charting options and screening tools. You can include filters for screening such as price, beta, and average volume. The most user-friendly platforms for both amateurs and professionals.

The elite version of the app offers email alerts, advanced options for charting and other features. The paid version offers access to layout customization, technical studies, revenue data and advanced sales.

MT4 Professional

This app will help you take a glance at the entire market of a symbol. You will not need programming skills to navigate through this app. Scan for a symbol or timeframe and gather information from the available charts. Every second hundred of symbols can be scanned on the app, and you will get access to multiple scanner conditions with loads of flexibility.

Ending Note

Get involved in options trading by enjoying the features of any of these apps. The training and discussion segment available on many of these apps can help you if you are an amateur.


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