Top 5 Banks for Foreigners in Turkey


Today, it is impossible to imagine a person who does not use banking services. Regardless of our occupation or place of residence, we are confronted daily with payments or transfers. Everyone has a bank card nowadays, and it is impossible to imagine our life without it. If you think about immigration to Turkey, the information about the best institutions that provide their services to foreign nationals will not be superfluous.

Turkish citizenship program allows foreign nationals to choose the most appropriate way to invest. The minimum amount for investment is 400 thousand dollars. You can become the owner of real estate for this money. For all other possible options, the minimum amount of the sum – half a million dollars.

Buying an apartment process is pretty complicated and slow. In addition, the Turkish authorities have set quite a lot of restrictions and requirements for the area, location of the facility, and so on. According to the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach, foreigners are increasingly choosing to open a deposit worth $ 500 thousand.

Turkish banks for foreigners


If you want to take advantage of the scheme, you need to open bank account in Turkey. Most often applicants use the following banks:

  • Ziraat Bank;
  • Türikiye İş Bankası;
  • Garanti Bankası;
  • Akbank;
  • Yapı Kredi Bankası-Koçbank.

This is the rating of the best banks in Turkey for foreigners. These are the most popular financial institutions, which have proven themselves as reliable and the best branches that help foreign citizens. These are the branches that provide their services not only in the national language of the region, but also in English.

Ziraat Bank is a pioneer of the banking system in the state. In addition, it is a popular network in its home country, its branches are also located in other states, which brings the bank to an international level. The qualified and experienced staff speaks several languages in order to make consumers feel comfortable and anyone can use their services. The centuries-long experience of this network testifies to the high professionalism of the company.

Türikiye İş Bankası has also established itself as a sought-after branch among turkish banks for expats. This is the largest bank that does not belong to the state. It has branches in many regions around the world.

Garanti Bankası entered into a partnership agreement several years ago with the Bank of Spain, which owns less than half of the shares. The financial institution boasts both English-speaking staff and a website with an English version. Many banks in Turkey have not neglected the interest of foreigners in their country, so it will not be surprising if in the near future migrants will not have to look for a branch with employees who speak English. The staff of all companies will have such specialists.

Yapı Kredi Bankası-Koçbank is noted by many migrants for its convenient and clear online banking, which can safely be called the advantage of this institution.

How to open a current account?


To take advantage of all the benefits of local banks, you must first open an account at them. To do this, a foreign person needs to gather documents. The basic ones for any financial institution are:

  • passport;
  • taxpayer number;
  • telephone;
  • address.

Having a card at a local bank saves you unnecessary expenses, you can use it to receive your wages from a Turkish employer, withdraw cash, make purchases and pay for online shopping.

It does not take long to open an account. This process takes an average of one to five business days. All of the financial institutions listed above will provide you with advice and will tell you about all the nuances and advantages of owning a card. However, if you have decided to migrate to Turkey, conduct business here or own real estate, it is rational to save yourself the trouble and use the services of local banks.


You can also turn to agencies that help with migration, which will tell you about all the pitfalls, how to correctly and quickly go through all the stages, the legal issues and legislative aspects at the stage of consultation about the possible programs for obtaining another citizenship. Thanks to professionals, you do not have to spend precious time delving into and understanding what is required of you.

Opening an account in Turkey can be both a pleasant opportunity and a requirement. According to the law, persons wishing to become part of society in this region must have a bank account opened in the host state. In order to have a card, it is necessary to take a tax number from the migration office, which is assigned to the holder of the residence permit.

This is a completely free procedure, which takes a few minutes. After collecting all the necessary documents, you need to go to the bank branch and declare the desire to get an account. If everything is in order, then in just one week you will become the owner of the Turkish card and will be able to enjoy all the benefits as a full citizen.