How to Become a Lawyer 100% Online – Guide


Becoming a lawyer is a dream for many people all over the world. Wherever there’s law there are lawyers. It takes years of studying and dedication to become one. There’s the law school, the apprenticeship, the Bar exam, and hundred other things in between.

Back in the day, you had to go to school, listen to the lessons, pass a few exams, and you’d be on your way to becoming a lawyer. Yes, we know we’re simplifying things here, but what we’re trying to say is that in order to become an attorney you had to attend a University.

You still have to do that, don’t get us wrong, but things have changed. Today, you can become a lawyer online. That’s right, you heard us well. As we said, things have changed, and if you ask us they have taken a turn for the best.

Education looks different today than it looked only a few years back. Thanks to technological development the way we teach and study changed drastically. Things were going in this direction for a while now, but a certain pandemic accelerated the whole matter.

Today, one could argue that more people are attending online classes than there are those sitting in a  classroom. They’d be probingly right. Online courses of all kinds are more popular today than they were ever before. So, it is no surprise that you can take on law school through online classes.

While only a decade ago or so it would be unimaginable to attend law school and attain a degree this way, today it’s becoming a reality. For many youngsters out there learning online is a reality for more than two years. Some of them love it that way. So, why change things you love?

Of course, for many of you attending online law school might be a novelty that doesn’t breathe in too much confidence, but that’s where you’re wrong. This is an opinion we are going to try and change with this article.

Below you have a how to become a lawyer 100% online guide which should aid you in understanding the process behind getting a law degree online. As you’ll see, it is quite a straightforward process. In many ways, it doesn’t differ from what you expect from a law school. Let’s see what we’re talking about.

Find The Right School


Let’s get one thing straight. There are still not all online universities, at least not in this domain. What you need is a university that offers online studies in this domain. You can find them with ease if you’re really into this idea. If you want to become a lawyer finding the right educational course is vital.

Considering that you’ll be looking to attend online classes you shouldn’t have any issues applying to universities far from your home. The important thing to know is that some universities still require your attendance in person to a degree. So, you might think twice to apply for a Californian university while living on the East Coast.

Take The LSAT


Online law schools will be no different than regular ones. Hence you’ll be needing LSAT passed to get in. of course, some of the schools have their standardized tests, so there are exceptions that don’t need it. But, it’s a good place to start prepping for what awaits you down the road.

The good news comes in the form of an online version of this test. So, you’ll be doing things online even before you get to online school. You’d be wise to have a good preparation for this test as it doesn’t come cheap. You need to part with $200 in order o pass it, and because of this you better come out prepared.

Focus on ABA-Approved Programs


Before you become a lawyer, being an online or a regular student you need to finish your three or four-year education. You’ll need a degree before you’re able to practice law. Also, thanks to the fact you’ll be having online classes it’s possible to dedicate more time to clerkships, fellowships, or internships.

This will give you first-hand experience considering you’ll be losing a chance on some due to the form of your schooling. This will be a great way to learn which branch of law you want to focus on.

Ethics Exam

Once you’re done with all of the above this is your next stop.  Your road to becoming a licensed attorney leads through MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination). This is a vital test as it determines if you’re aware of how lawyers need to conduct themselves professionally.

It is taken before the Bar exam which leads us to our next point. But, before that you ought to know that this test can also be taken online, it has 60 questions and you have a two-hour deadline.

Apply And Pass the Bar Exam


Before you become a lawyer you need to apply and pass a Bar exam. If Kim Kardashian had to do it, so do you. It is not an easy feat. What you need to know is that the rules differ from state to state, so it might be important to learn the specific rules separately. Also, while some time ago this was strictly an in-person exam, today it’s different.

COVID-19 changed the rules, so now you can also take it online. But do not take it easy. It is a hard test and only 75% of people pass it on the first attempt. In addition, to be able to take it online, you can also have the prep test taken online. This is a great way to ensure that you complete it on the first attempt and don’t fill the 25% bracket.

Give the Pledge

To become a fully pledged lawyer you need to be sworn in. Unlike anything from above, this part needs to be done in person. But it is not tied to the educational process so you won’t have any issues completing this task. It is a sworn oath given on the U.S. Constitution given in the presence of another lawyer and a judge. Once this is done, you can start your practice.