Can You Get Car Insurance Without A License – 2023 Guide


If you have a car then you will need to get insurance to drive it. But the catch is that not everyone will sell you one if you don’t have a driver’s license.

When it comes to buying car insurance without owning a valid driver’s license, many would think of it as a pointless transaction. Since you cannot drive the vehicle, the question remains as to why would you spend your money on insuring it? Not only that, but you are more likely to get rejected than to get approved for an insurance policy.

But contrary to popular belief, there are reasons why you would need one even if you have no driver’s license. And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this article.

With all that said, let’s start.

Reasons Why You Need It


Like we said earlier, it might sound pointless to get insurance even if you have no means of driving the vehicle. But if you think about it, there are very real scenarios where you’d need one.

Let’s take a look at them.

If Your Teen Child Is Driving It

Let’s say that you’ve bought your teenage kid a car and want to keep it under their name. Since they cannot obtain a driving license straight away, the only way to keep it under their name is for them to insure it.

You do this mostly so the car can be driven the moment they become of age or pass their driver’s test. But do know that insuring the vehicle will cost you an arm and a leg.

If You’re In the Process of Getting A License


Getting an insurance policy takes no time what so ever. But some people like to get it done before they get their driver’s ID.

In this case, you can be given a provisional license. This license acts as a valid document, but it can be obtained only by adults. If you are in the process of getting your driver’s license, then do know you can insure your car even before you get it.

If You Own A Vintage Car

It doesn’t matter what the car is, we are giving you a scenario. Vintage cars aren’t meant to be driven. Everyone that owns a vintage car mostly keeps it locked in their garage. But regardless if you drive it or not, you still need to insure it.

Nothing prepares you for accidents and when one comes, then you will have to have a way to cover the costs. You’ll want to cover for potential losses such as a falling tree branch, someone bumping into your driveway, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you have a license or if you plan on driving it, every car needs to get insured.

If Your License Is Suspended


Getting your driver’s license suspended isn’t anything new, strange, or uncommon. There could be dozens of reasons why that could happen. You might have a messy record, have done something wrong in the eyes of the law, etc.

In that case, you will either be given a timeframe to serve out the suspension, or you will have to show proof of financial responsibility. In the case of the latter one, you will need to obtain SR-22 insurance. If you’re interested more in how car insurance works, tips, where to obtain in, and everything else that goes around it, then make sure to visit

Now that we’ve listed all the reasons why you’d need car insurance even if you don’t own a license, it’s time to know more on how to get it.

How to Get Car Insurance Without A Valid License

There are a couple of ways to get an insurance policy on your vehicle even if you don’t have the necessary documentation for it.

Here are a few ways.

Name Someone Else As the Main Driver


Whenever shopping for an insurance policy, you will be asked to show your license. Since you don’t have one, you can add someone else with a valid license. But the catch is that they should live at your address and be related to you.

This makes obtaining the license somewhat tricky if you don’t have anyone to call upon. But if you do have someone, then you need to name them as the main driver of the vehicle.

In the worst case, the insurance company will ask you to name yourself as an excluded driver. This means that if the car gets into an accident with you behind the wheel, the insurance company won’t be liable to paying damages towards your policy. Also, in these cases, you can get help from

Make Someone Co-Owner of the Vehicle

There are plenty of loopholes to exploit when it comes to obtaining insurance. This one is pretty straightforward and quite easy to obtain. Namely, if you already have a car, then you add another person as the co-owner of the vehicle should they have a valid driver’s license. And while plenty of insurance companies do make this offer, we’re seeing more and more backing off from such deals.

Get the “Parked Car” Policy


This type of policy protects in case of theft and types of damages that can happen to a vehicle while kept in storage or a garage. The point of this policy is that it’s much cheaper to obtain and it doesn’t require you to have a valid license. This type of coverage doesn’t cover liability and collision, thus it is much safer for insurance companies to give it to people without a driver’s license.


Even if you don’t have a driver’s license, this article shows you ways how to obtain car insurance. But that doesn’t mean it will automatically happen.

Thus, it is always advised to talk with insurance providers and see which one will allow you to buy an insurance policy without having a valid driver’s license.

Seeing that you can’t buy or drive a vehicle that doesn’t have insurance, it makes the process that more important.

Remember that this isn’t an impossible task, but do expect to get in contact with multiple providers before settling. And do expect to pay more than what you would with a license.


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