Is it Safe to Clean Your Composite Decking With Vinegar – 2023 Guide


When you arrange the floor of a certain space and decide on this type of material, you are surely delighted with its quality and many advantages. Of course, there are a number of benefits that a composite floor brings with it. However, you need to properly prepare for its arrival and be instructed in all the ruhles of maintenance. The cleaning of this surface is in the first place, because that is most important part of the maintenance. So, the cleaning process is actually very easy.

What is important is to follow clear guidelines that will allow you to keep your floor beautiful and functional forever. Either way, you need to know what to get into. This means that you should not use some products. On the other hand, there are products that are specifically designed for it. These are some basic things you should know. Beware of the many misconceptions you can read on the Internet. One of them is definitely the use of vinegar when cleaning.

Is it wise to use vinegar for these purposes?


Of course, this is a totally wrong approach. You all know how strong vinegar is. On the other hand, composite floors require light products. This does not mean that it is enough to wipe them with a cloth and water. Care includes cleaning agents that are made for these materials and will not damage its structure. So you have to be careful what you use.

Although vinegar is a very useful thing that has always been used in cleaning many surfaces, to composite decking it can do more harm than good. Our advice is to avoid this type of acid completely, because after a while you can end up with a destroyed floor. Due to the strong action of vinegar, the material wears out quickly, the surface darkens and in the end all types of damage become very visible. On the other hand, proper care can significantly extend the life of it and it can look great for years.

How to properly maintain?


Experts from the Dinodecking told us composite decking requires minimal maintenance across its lifetime. So it is important that you do not harm him with your wrongdoing. Since it is clear to you why you should not use vinegar when maintaining floors, you are probably interested in what you should use. The best solution for this situation is a combination of good products and maintenance habits. It is also very important to know how to apply everything that is normally used for these purposes, and in order to better adopt all this, keep reading. There are some basic steps you need to follow to make your floors look beautiful and last a long time. However, there are a number of external factors that affect their appearance and cleanliness.

It depends on the location of these floors. For example, if there are any trees nearby, the surface will certainly be covered with fallen leaves for a certain period of time. Of course, when you live in a place where there is heavy rain, be sure that the floors will often be wet if they do not have protection. In these or similar conditions, you must take extra care of composite floors. So, you need to check, dry, clean, etc. more often. However, there are several basic procedures that apply depending on the situation and the amount of dirt.

What steps do you need to take?


The first thing you need to do is clear the surface by setting aside the things that stand in your way. So, you will move all the furniture and other items to get a completely empty surface. The next thing that comes is surface cleaning of debris. This refers to quick cleaning with a broom to remove surface debris. Once you are sure that nothing more of the coarse dirt is left on the floors, you prepare the water for washing. Our advice is to use a suitable soap that you will dissolve with water. Pay attention to the concentration of the agent.

Use a soft brush to remove any visible stains in your path. Gently press the floors, but be detailed to remove grease. When you are done with this you can rinse off the residue with water. Apply protection after the process to avoid moisture accumulation on composite floors.

What should you avoid?


Using vinegar is not the only thing you should not use because it impairs the health of your floors. There are a few common mistakes people make. It is the use of the wrong cleaning item. Due to poor selection, you can further destroy the floors instead of cleaning them thoroughly. So, composite decking only at first glance look solid and resistant. They are actually a very delicate material that needs an oxygen cleaner. In that way, deep cleaning is performed, because such a means will penetrate into the material and will become as clean as outside.

This means that the choice of means comes first. Read carefully when buying and avoid products that have chlorine on them, that is a big mistake. You may have a mold problem or it may only get worse if it already exists. You should also avoid pressure washing. This is also bad, because too much pressure can damage the surface. Instead, a garden hose is a very good choice. When it comes to choosing a brush, forget about those grooves and choose only soft bristles.

How to protect decking properly?


No matter how much you dedicate yourself to regular maintenance and cleaning, an integral part of that must be the process that happens after that. So, it is equally important that you properly use the protection with which you will cover it so that cleaning would not be in vain. The main goal of this protection is to prevent the spread of moisture. Believe us, you don’t want moisture to penetrate your decking, that’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

If your material is extremely exposed, you will surely encounter mold, especially in wetter parts. In this way, it will collapse by starting the rotting process and visible deformations will appear. All you need is a good product that will protect you from things like this and will be a moisture barrier.


Composite decking is one of the best investments you can make. However, do not allow yourself to be guided by unverified information and thus destroy it. Try to follow some basic rules when it comes to maintaining. We hope we have helped you resolve any concerns you may have previously.


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