How To Choose The Best CNC Engraver Machine For Woodworking


CNC stands for computer numerical control, used to process a piece of material to meet specific instructions or regulations. When picking out the best type you have to consider different things, such as price and applicability. How to know which one to go for, especially if you’re in the woodworking industry? Keep on reading and find your answers down below.

What is a CNC router and how does it work?


CNC machines have been incorporated into a variety of new technologies and machinery. They are a necessity these days and can be implemented in a ton of different fields. One popular use is the CNC router, often used for different materials.

It is popular in the woodwork industry, but you can also use it for aluminum, stone, composites, plastic, and foam. Skilled and trained specialists are those who can use CNC machines for different reasons and in different ways.

What to look for when picking out the best CNC machine?


4-axis – this is a router that has three kinds of axes and an A-axis. With it, the spindle will move left and right to process three surfaces concurrently. Once done you are left with the perfect 3D engraving, perfect for woodwork.

Rotary axis – this router has a rotary spindle that can work on the surface simultaneously. It is used for making creative and decorative types of wooden statues.

Motor – servo or stepper motors are used when shaping and cutting wood. Servo is a bit faster and quieter while a stepper is affordable and precise.

Spindle – spindles can have a water cooling system or be air-cooled. An air-cooled kind is easy to use while a water spindle is fast, super precise, and often used with caution.

Aside from this, you should also worry about the processor, drive, vacuum tables, and dust collectors in order to make your work easy and efficient.

What are some good machines to consider?

  • Wattsan 0203 micro – is used with ease and can fit your garage + it is affordable and has a tube power of 40W.
  • Wattsan 0503 – the perfect multi-purpose machine which you can use for your hobby or your smaller business. Its power is 60W and it can process an unlimited number of materials.
  • Wattsan 6040 – has a high power of a laser tube (around 90W) and has a precise and fast cutting speed, used for bigger wood projects.
  • Wattsan 6090 – is a popular machine in the industry and is a pricier model that can cover big projects. It has a tube power of 120W.
  • Wattsan 2030 – use it with big projects and in a large working area. Enjoy its laser tube which is placed on the portal, with a tube power of 120W.

Want to learn more?

If you want to read in-depth reviews about some of the best CNC wood engraving machine options, please do! Narrow down your selection and learn all there is while having all of your questions answered.