How To Create a Great Video Brochure For Your Business


Owning your own business implies that you are in charge of most things surrounding it. Even the things you do not directly decide on have to be ran by you and wait for your approval or opinion. No matter how little and insignificant it may seem, it is actually quite important in the long run and you should know about it and be involved in it. With this being said, it is clear that owners hardly have it easy when running their company irrelevant of what type it is and what industry it belongs to.

Just like any other job, it is tough more often than not, but a boss also has to worry about everyone else and the company itself, and not just themselves. Do not let this intimidate you though as there are multiple ways you can go and things you can do to help your case. In the modern world you can find experts for almost anything related to your business and have them evaluate your situation and give their honest and professional opinion. Some things can even be done on your own, like for example marketing the business through the conventional and popular means.

Doing it on social media is usually enough to start things off, but soon you will need something more, a video brochure. If you are unsure what a video brochure is and how to do it, we are here to help you with some quality tips. Think of this article as a guide on all things related to making a great video brochure for your business. Keep on reading and to find out even more information about this, make sure to check out

What is It?


You probably know what a regular brochure is. It is a printed booklet, either a softcover or a hardcover, that tells you about the products and services of a company. Most often it is a form of advertising material the business gives away to educate the public and have them check out who they are and what they have to offer. The limited amount of pages is enough to tell a short story about the business, give the address and contact information, show some photos of the buildings and the people, or whatever else that could make the people interested.

That is actually the very point of a brochure, to advertise but also to hook the reader into checking it out. Now, a video brochure does sound like a digital, virtual variety of this that is actually a promotional video that does the same thing. Well, not really. It is something far better, more unique, and more interesting. A video brochure looks the same as a regular brochure but it has a screen embedded into a softcover or hardcover paper brochure.

When you open the front page, there is a screen on the next one that plays a video about the business and tells you all you need to know. Next to the screen are basic control buttons, like the play and pause buttons and the volume control. They also have a USB port for charging.

Video brochures are highly customizable and there are different screen and booklet sizes you can choose. This is a very modern take on the regular advertising tactic of the old when people could only rely on paper and printed text or images. No matter what you deal with or what the video is going to be about, you can have yourself a video brochure developed and attract more customers.

How to Create One

Now that you know what a video brochure is and what it does, it is time to determine what you need to do in order to make a great one for your business.

1. Have a Plan


Before you hand in a design for your video brochure, you have to determine when and how you will use it. Who will you give it to, where will you show it off, and who is your target audience? These are crucial questions you must have answers to before you start creating your brochure. They can have tons of uses so think about it long and hard.

2. Include an Encouraging Call to Action


The best type of advertising addresses the customers directly and gives them what they need before they can ask for it. A call to action that asks them a question along the lines of “Are you ready for….?”, “Have you always wanted to….?” and the like. Apart from the question, there should be an answer or a solution like a link or a scan barcode. Maximizing the features of the brochure is prevalent and the one reading it and watching the video should have means of reaching you instantly.

3. Have a Unique Design


Brochure usually come in the form of booklets, but they do not have to. The most important thing is the screen, but nowadays you can fit a screen into virtually anything. It can be a makeup shelf with complementary samples with a screen to show off your business. It can still be a hardcover booklet but in a special shape or even the logo of your company. Think unique, appealing, and intriguing, and you will already achieve a lot right out of the gate. 

4. It has to be Sharable


If you manage to do the previous three things, you will have a brochure that people want to show others because they were impressed with it. Making the brochure sharable and fun enough for clients to show off to their friends and family guarantees more traffic for your company and a wider reach. It means the experience was captivating and the brochure informative enough for a customer to realize others need to see it too. As an owner who is advertising their business, you cannot ask for more than this.

5. A Quality Video


Last but not least, and actually the most important, the video in the brochure has to be high-quality, engaging, and informative. It is after all a part of your advertising campaign so it should tell the viewer everything in a matter of a minute or so. Short and effective commercials are always better than long and empty ones. As the centerpiece, it should be a true star of the whole experience and therefore filmed in high resolution and edited by an expert.


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