Tips to Bear in Mind For Creating One’s Dating Site Profile – 2023 Guide


The Internet has added one more dimension to our life — today all we have our own virtual representatives, that is social network blogs, accounts on various apps and so on. They became part and parcel of our reality. A SofiaDate is no exception, and even more, it may be the main determinant of your success.

Whether you are looking for a casual dating or for a serious relationship, your profile should become the embodiment of your personality and be able to attract the very person you are searching after. You will indeed create it if you follow quite simple but very effective rules recommendations on the textual and visual representation of your profile.

What can be wrong with «Hello, I love traveling»?


What seems easy at first may turn into a headache on the way you proceed with completing your profile for a dating site you have chosen. Some sites and apps will allow you to drop literally a line or two which should somehow portray you and your ideal partner. But even if your self-presentation can be a bit more extended, what should be written?

Plan your dating site profile structure

Even if it must fit into two or three sentences, you still have to make it substantial. A chain of content keys like «a doggie person» or «a theater buff» can help you cope with this problem. If your dating site enables longer descriptions, then enter a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about the person you are looking for into your dating site profile.

Open it inventively


When presenting the interests, one often resorts to clichéd phrases like «I love…», but the experience shows that such commonnesses are certain to make your profile insipid and the first to be skipped. Instead, try to open your profile with an unhacked phrase expressing your momentary activity or state of mind.

If speaking about likings, try to put it a bit more originally and in more concrete form. The classic example is when you like traveling, but what does it actually mean? It’ll be more reasonable to write that you’re going to visit a definite place or dreaming about it. Thus, it is more likely that it will attract people with related interests making their dating site profile search.

Show sincerity

The last thing to put into your profile on the dating site is lying. Obviously, the closer your profile is to «real you», the more natural will be your communication with the person who might be your lovely one. It is actually not that easy to imitate someone else, but dating a phantom can be really disappointing. This is a dead-end road, anyway.

Make them smile


Good sense of humor is a very effective tool to win hearts. You may present your hobby in a humorous way and people will certainly like it. Just one witty comment about yourself may be worth the most detailed self-representation which, what is more, can be in fact overloaded with key requests to find a match among the dating site members.

Watch the grammar

Seemingly, why bother with such a trifling matter? But the experts in dating assert that poor spelling won’t be to your advantage and a mere grammatical error in your profile can destroy the whole effort. So before posting, make a thorough screening of your profile.

How to present your ideal in your dating site profile?


Stick to a positive thinking

Sometimes you may feel like defining those who you would like to flap away from your profile. But it’s a real waste of words! OK, you say who you do not want, but who do you actually want? It’s a bit misleading, don’t you think? Instead of it, try to focus your attention on the good points which can attract you to a person and use as few negatives as possible.

Do not overdo with details

If anything, most online happy matches have been made up by two individuals whose dating site profiles were not that matching in fact, especially when this refers to such demands as height, weight, eyes color and other stop signs which will actually stop someone really worthy but having the wrong color of their eyes from messaging you.

So, while portraying your life partner-to-be, concentrate on how you fancy your prospective relationship and what interests or activities you would like to share with them.

How can photos improve your dating site experience?


It has to be admitted that without photos, your dating site profile is lifeless no matter how good the textual description is made. Interestingly, this is especially true for that of a woman as in the first place male daters would rather pay their close attention to the photos of female profiles shown to their request on the dating site search engine.

Although women seem to put more emphasis on the written representation of a man of interest, they would surely want to see him, too, before starting communication, so, no matter which gender is on your mind — you have to choose several photos giving the most accurate picture of you which suggests:

Be honest with your profile photos, too

You surely have multiple nice photos of yours, but a safe strategy here is to choose between 5 and 7 of them, taken recently and presenting real you. Let it be both portraits and one or two full-length pictures. Even if your three-year-olds seems much prettier to you than your actual photos, this is the worst idea ever to add images which have little to do with your present-day look. Then, disappointment again.

Let your pictures speak about you

Your photos are another good opportunity to show you as a personality. Select those displaying your hobbies, even your lifestyle. Let it be a selfie, but it should be made right inside the atmosphere in which your future relationship is planned to be.

The spotlight is you

You may have really terrific group photos of you and your friends, but… the idea is wrong. You are the one who is going to date, so your dating site profile should not draw attention to other individuals — by the way, there were cases when the aim of dating was not the profile owner, but one of the friends on their profile photo…

Finally, smile!

No matter how you slice it, it’s a fact — the profiles embedding smiling photos of their owner elicit more responses. Thus, the final tip for your dating site profile will be quite simple — add one of your fresh pictures in which you just smile happily.

Together with these tips you may consider the following as well. Before compiling a profile for the dating site, study other members’ profiles on it. You might also know someone who has such an experience and who you can ask for advice. Finally, keep your profile updated both in terms of pictures and descriptions so that it represents you in the most realistic way.


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