Why Esports Betting is the Future of the Gambling Industry

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Ever since the earliest days of mankind games of chance have been one of the most favorite ways to make the boring time a more interesting activity. The traditional rules have not changed much from the initial idea, since one must predict the outcome in order to collect the winning nowadays, still, the games themselves have evolved to the extent once unimaginable.

What draws our attention the most are esports, and a variety of ways one can try their luck with this until recently unavailable form of competition. If you are intrigued why a significant majority of gambling experts consider that esports betting is the future of the games of chance industry, feel free to look for the answers in the lines below.

Esports and Betting

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In a nutshell, we can easily compare Esports to traditional competitive activities and conclude that the outcome of the competition between two or several individuals participating in a specific game depends on at least similar, if not the same principles as in the real deal.

Namely, both the skill and the art of delivering what the crowd wants to see are some of the top qualities an esports viewer desires to experience from the competitors. To make a long story short, there is nothing that separates the real sports event from an esports one, at least when the parallel is analyzed through the eyes of a gambling enthusiast.

Even though the battle between rivals takes place in a virtual setting, how the game unfolds depends on the skill and talent of the clashing players. Therefore, the job of bettor remains to pick their favorite and decide whether the one they consider a better pick is worth betting on.

What you should also be aware of is that certain countries have recognized the potential of esports sooner than others, which have allowed them to call themselves pioneers of virtual sports. The honorable mention goes to South Corea, but we should not forget to mention Russia, China, South Africa, Italy, Denmark, and other countries that have contributed to the rapidly growing trend by forming national esports teams.

When we consider that the number of players only grows as time goes by, it is reasonable why esports represent not solely the future of sports in general, but also ideal ground for various gambling activities to develop.

Types of Esports

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What represents the beauty of esports and betting symbiosis is the variety of individual matches one can bet on. Basically, in order to bet on any official esports event, you must find a bookmaker who covers a specific event. Surely, not all bookies allow their clients to bet on this type of match, but the catch is that more and more gambling places grasp the idea of unlimited potential esports have with each passing day.

To make our story short and sweet for you to comprehend we should emphasize that any e-game can become the next thing to bet on if it becomes officially accepted by a specific sports association.

When we talk about currently popular esports, we should mention Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFAs, and NBA Live titles since they represent the core of constantly evolving part of the virtual world eligible for betting. Unfortunately, not all betting places offer their clients a chance to bet on their favorite esports, so for now, you should focus on places such as n1bet.com and try your luck with what they offer.

Current Situation

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Unfortunately, the current situation with the Coronavirus has impacted how sports events take place, so what we were accustomed to continues to change its form not hinting how the whole saga about peculiar regulations would end.

Without question, the well-being of both the sportsmen and the fans is the most important thing to worry about, but when we consider the pros and cons of traditional event organizing, it is hard to come up with a solution that would meet standard wants and needs of the aforementioned parties.

Fortunately, organizing esports competitions is relatively easier than traditional events, especially when we consider popular protection measures typical for the contemporary pandemic situation. In a nutshell, we could say that esports professionals can do what they best regardless of the setting they perform in.

On the other hand, the same approach does not apply to traditional sportsmen. Therefore, it is reasonable why a vast majority of gambling places expand their offer with numerous esports matches.


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Even though the numbers related to esports practitioners steadily grow with each passing year, we should highlight that the true boom in popularity is yet to take place. Nowadays, kids spend as much time on their flatscreens as generations before they were spending outside, but they focus on achieving the same thing, that is, having fun.

Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that the future will bring more esports-focused athletes than the case was in the years before. Reasonably, as more individuals opt for this type of expressing themselves, the chances that more of them will make a name for themselves in the esports world grow.

In the future, you will not have to pay attention to a specific athlete and his, or her recent performance, moreover, you will pay attention to how skillful an individual playing a specific game is, and base your betting on a bit different set of information.

We have mentioned the ones that intend on becoming esports pros, but we should not neglect the ones who enjoy watching others play games. Esports prove to be as popular as any traditional sports out there, at least when we analyze what interests younger generations. What is also important to highlight is that the number of betting aficionados does not falter due to new standards, moreover, it grows steadily with the new options on the table.

Hopefully, you have realized the potential of esports and its undeniable connection to betting. We advise you to re-assess your gambling strategy and figure out how you could profit from the upcoming esports events, since the sooner you focus on esports actualities, the higher the odds are that you will know who to put your money on.