The 20 Most Interesting Essay Topics For Students in 2023


An essay is a form of writing that teachers use to determine and assess your academic growth in their class. Essay writing is no easy task, but it is an essential part of your educational journey. From grade school to middle school and high school, writing an essay will be a part of your homework until you study college in universities.

It seems that all those years in school prepare you to write, but it never gets easier for some people. Writing is a skill that requires a long time to master. That is why many students seek help from professional writing services like Essay Zoo for their writing struggles.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn and experience the writing process itself, here are some interesting essay topics you can use to boost your motivation and get your reader’s attention. 

Interesting Essay Topics About Science and Technology 


There are many advancements in the field of science and technology as we move forward every year. New inventions and innovations are sprouting left and right, making our lives more comfortable and more accessible.

Some help us raise our awareness, and some contribute to adverse effects on our environment. Many people have different ideas, views, and opinions on the topic of science and technology. Here are some essay topics you can use to write your paper

  1. How did COVID pandemic shutdowns, online distance learning, and work from home setup change our views and relationship with technology? 
  2. How does the development of nuclear war technology affect the global wars in places like Iran, Israel, and North Korea? 
  3. Big companies are trying to build the most competent artificial intelligence. Where should humans draw the line between them and supercomputers? Do humans need to worry about the computer being able to think by themselves in the future? 
  4. Can cloning be the answer to the future’s food shortage? What are its negative and positive effects on the people and the environment? 
  5. What are the critical differences between college graduates who finished studying from face-to-face classes (hands-on or on-campus) from those who graduated from online courses? Who has more advantages in the real world?

Interesting Essay Topics About Environment 


One of the purposes of essay writing is to convince and raise awareness in our readers. There are many topics regarding the environment you can share and dissect with your readers. From global warming, the melting of ice caps, and animal extinction. These are just some topics you can do to jump-start awareness and start campaigns to protect our home planet. Here are some persuasive essay ideas you can do for our environment: 

  1. Is extinction just nature’s way, or should humans interfere to prevent it? What are the extinct animals that would have a significant role in our ecosystem if they still existed in the present time? 
  2. What environmental factors gave birth to the deadliest pandemics of the past centuries and the present? (Black Death, Spanish Flu, and COVID 19 pandemic) 
  3. Only three percent of the world’s ocean has been discovered and studied, despite this food source from marine life is rapidly depleting. What are the main reasons why a large portion of our waters are still unexplored? Can this discovery replenish our marine life resources? 
  4. How do the radiation disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima affect the entire world’s ecosystem
  5. How do fossil fuel, oil, coal, and nuclear power contribute to the destruction of our environment? What are the alternative resources to help our environment heal? 

Interesting Essay Topics About Marketing 


Marketing is a broad subject area. Only a handful of people are well versed in the language of marketing. Nevertheless, there are still good essay topics that can get the attention of the general public.

A writing tip on marketing essays, use words that are easy to understand. The use of technical terms and jargon can be used when your target audience is people from the marketing industry. Using words not fit for the audience will only make them confused. Here are recommendations for marketing essay topics: 

  1. What are the different marketing strategies used by big brands from smaller companies? Why are more customers attracted to these brands? 
  2. What is the importance of social media advertisements to product sales? 
  3. Is the company liable for the damage if the consumers mishandled their products and harmed them? How do we draw the line when it is the customer’s fault or the company? 
  4. What are the pros and cons of online shopping? Is there a difference between products brought from the physical store and on online platforms? 
  5. A case study on Apple: How did it become the largest mobile company in the world? 

Interesting Essay Topics About Business 


There are various aspects of the business you can write about. There are topics on business law, business ethics, international trade, and business management. Each of these branches is broad. To help you choose a subject, here are the best essay topics for a business paper. 

  1. Investments: Why is it essential that we educate the general public about investments? Can everybody take part in these investments? 
  2. Why is it essential that chairpersons and team leaders undergo leadership development training? How does a good leader affect the success of a business? 
  3. How does gender discrimination affect the performance of the employees of an organization? 
  4. Ergonomics in the Workplace: How do work desks, chairs, and tables affect employees’ daily performance? 
  5. Why should you make full use of social media in your business? What are the positive effects of social media on the success of a business enterprise? 

Writing an essay should be enjoyable from both sides, the writer and the reader. It all comes down to choosing good topics for the article—there are exciting issues from a wide range of subject areas.

Be sure to select the one that also interests you so that the writing process is not tedious. Explore topics that are trending and abuzz, and this will surely get the attention of your target audience. Coupled with solid research, you can create a flawless essay in no time. 


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