Stepping Into the Futuristic World of the Virtual Casino


If you haven’t experienced virtual reality via one of the many devices currently on the market, you may, understandably, be wondering what all the fuss is about. For those who have donned a headset though, you may agree that mere words generally fail to describe the incredible feeling of being transported into another reality. You will also have likely experienced and realised the incredible potential that it offers, not just for entertainment, but for countless other avenues in all manners of human interaction and activity.

When it comes to entertainment though, few industries offer more, and innovate more, than the casino industry. As such, they have made sure to always stay at the very fore front of technology, and, as a result, the world is now entering an exciting new age of virtual casinos and gambling.

Understanding The Difference Between AR And VR


Before venturing further, let’s first outline how VR, virtual reality, and the lesser known, though equally exciting and useful, AR, augmented reality, differ from each other.

Virtual reality has noticeably been gaining huge and increasing popularity over the years, predominantly in gaming, though increasingly in a variety of other areas, such as drone operation, remote assistance, art and design, virtual tourism, and much more.

Most understand how it works on a basic level. For example, that the user wears a headset over the eyes and ears, and uses controllers, or some sort of device or mechanism, to control or interact with what they see and hear through the headset. It may be a digitally created virtual world of a game or application, or it could be linked in real-time with, say, the visuals of a camera.

When it comes to the gambling industry, the very first online VR casinos and games have already been produced and made available to the public through a number of online casinos and casino software developers.

Augmented reality on the other hand, a somewhat lesser known, and less developed and implemented, technology, differs from VR in that it does not replace reality as we see, hear, and experience it, but rather projects the virtual world onto our own reality. “Augmenting” it, as the name implies. An easy way to understand this would be to think of holograms, though which can only be seen through an AR device, such as a headset or special glasses, or through the screen of a device such as a tablet or phone. These interactable AR holograms can take on any type or form of use.

When it comes to games, and in particular virtual casinos and casino games, though, in a nutshell, the main difference between AR and VR is this.

  • VR transports you into a virtual casino world with interactable virtual objects, games, and people.
  • AR will project the virtual casino world, objects, games, and people, onto existing reality. E.g. in your living room, kitchen, office, or whatever space you happen to be in.

AR Versus VR Casinos


As the more developed forerunner, VR, as mentioned, has undeniably had greater attention, interest, and success in the public domain, so far, with a much greater number of games, applications, and devices being produced and made affordable to the public.

Pokémon Go, Ingress, and Jurassic Park Alive, are a few famous examples of commercial games that have attempted to capitalise on AR over the past years, and Google Glasses were one of the first AR products to hit the market in 2013. So far AR has been met with varying success. As with VR though, developers are still only just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential.

AR offers a number of perceived benefits over VR, specifically a much greater situational awareness, something many a VR headset owner can appreciate when it comes to tripping on chords and bumping nearby household objects. Due to its almost complete disconnection with physical reality, VR is also reported to occasionally induce motion sickness with some users. AR is therefore deemed a potentially more practical, safe, user-friendly, and more adjustable form of virtual technology in the long run, or soon will be.

Today, while many AR devices are currently being developed for various uses, most VR headsets are likewise being developed to include AR. In turn they are fast becoming lighter, more stream-lined, more comfortable, and most importantly, more mobile.

It could be that, soon, instead of having a physical device such as a televisions, computers, or phones, we will be using virtual equivalents instead, contained and operated within a single head-worn mobile smart device. “Ordinary” video and conference calls will be replaced with actual people, or groups of people, seen in virtual reality, or augmentally projected right in front of you. And aside from games, simply browsing the internet will likely become a mind-blowing three-dimensional experience, all of which can be called truly “sci-fi”.

The Grand Spectacle Of The Virtual Casino


There are few aspects that make VR favourable in its own right, however. Not only does it offer an unprecedented sense of “escapism”, but it also has the potential to offer greater visual spectacles than the world has ever seen.

After all, not everyone wants to visit a crypto site such as, or play crypto thrills bonus codes casino games just to gamble and win, but also to take a break from everyday life, have fun, and see and experience new and exciting things. VR offers a “virtually” complete sense of escape and transportation into another world and reality. Furthermore, as VR technology and graphics improve, virtual casinos, though already impressive, will soon become truly astonishing and breathe-taking to behold.

Imagine visiting a grand casino, more spectacular than anything ever seen or built on earth, set in a fiery volcano, under the ocean, or on an exotic alien planet. The ideas are truly as limitless as the imagination.

On the other hand, there’s the grand convenience, novelty, and spectacle of a holographic casino in your living room. Which will be more popular? Time will soon tell, but what is clear is that we have entered a truly exciting and ground-breaking new era of technology, for casinos, and for the world.


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