The Hidden Dangers of Human Trafficking in Massage Clinics – 2023 Guide


A problem that keeps being present in the world is human trafficking. It is known that some of the places often related to human trafficking are massage clinics, in which employees are forced to work for many hours, as well as to have sexual relations with their clients. This is a growing concern that we must not ignore. What happens is that these workers are being tortured by the massage clinic owner, living in very bad conditions in the house he owns. They also work for them and need to fulfill their demands to be able to have a place to sleep and eat, even though they are being abused in many ways.

How can you recognize this kind of massage clinic?


They always tend to be located in isolated parts of the city, and practically invisible for anyone who doesn’t have a clue what it can be. Also, there are many things that can warn you about something being weird about a certain massage clinic. For example, if you see the prices are strangely low compared to other similar places, it can be a warning sign. Another thing that can be alarming is if the clinic works during the night or offering its services at any time of the day. It might happen that employees are asking for very big tips and become very upset if they don’t get them. You may also notice that the workers seem to live in the clinic and that there are new people constantly coming to the clinic, while old workers are gone. If there is a huge number of cameras all around and the windows are covered with something, it is likely that this is not a normal massage clinic. In massage clinics that work legally, you will never see or hear any sexual connotations, and the bodies of workers are covered with clothes in the usual way.

People that work there usually get there by fake ads that show in no way that it could be a scam. Those are usually middle-aged women from various third world countries who come to a rich, economically stable country wanting to earn money for their families. After they start working in these so-called massage clinics, they find out it is a scam but they often can’t do much about it. They get paid too little, they are constantly changing the place they work, and they are often forced to sleep on the streets. They are also blackmailed that if they try to leave, they will be arrested, deported, or killed. That is the reason why they choose to stay at those horrible places and human trafficking proceeds.


Other jeopardized groups are kids and teens. Abusers often get to them online, through social media. What happens is that they connect to them, make them feel like they are close, and then call them to meet in person and offer them something they know those kids won’t say no to. Their main targets are foster kids, as well as the problematic kids, teens with low self-esteem, and the ones that have addiction problems. These children are susceptible to running away from their homes and looking for a way out of their unhappy lives. After they enter massage clinics, they are abused and forced to work all kinds of horrible things. In the past years, it has been done a lot do raise awareness of this problem, and influence the law in this area.

However, another problem occurred right after people started being more aware of human trafficking in massage clinics. And it started to have a negative impact on legal massage clinics in which people are doing their legal jobs. Massage professionals started noticing they are affected by these events, although they did nothing wrong. That is why it is crucial to understand the difference between the legal massage business and places where workers are sexually abused. Human trafficking in the massage business happens when there is some kind of violence, degrading actions, sexual exploitation, threats, blackmailing, emotional manipulation, and many more.


Stronger regulations are needed all around the country to prevent these places from opening and working. For example, limiting the working hours of massage clinics can help, since illegal actions mostly happen during the night hours. Requiring the state license for opening this kind of clinic and making it obligatory for all workers to have licenses for practicing the massage work are also some of the crucial steps. Another thing that helps is banning entry to a clinic through hidden entrances, and allowing clients to enter only through the unlocked front door. Doing these small changes leads to a big final result of preventing human trafficking in illegal massage clinics. These places are not uncommon, so a lot of work is needed to eliminate them completely, but we’re getting there.

If you’re looking to become a massage professional, you should be aware that continuous education is necessary. It is crucial to understand what human trafficking is and how it is being present in massage businesses. Following a good massage course, such as ones you can find on, you will learn how to spot human trafficking, who are the groups that are usually affected by it, as well as how can you protect yourself, and what can you do to help. It is vital for professionals in this area to keep educating themselves and improve this area as much as possible.



A growing concern in the world is human trafficking present in illegal massage clinics. This has been a problem for many years now, and people are becoming more aware of it. Illegal massage clinics hire people through fake ads and then force them to work all day and all night long, have sexual relations with their clients, and abuse them in many different ways. If you notice that massage clinic is working all night, providing services in hidden areas, have a lot of video cameras, and covered windows, it should be a sign that they are doing illegal business and you should report them right away. Stronger regulation in the massage business is needed to control illegal actions and prevent human trafficking in these places.


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