7 Stylish Ways to Incorporate Swing Doors in Your Interior Design

Swing Doors

Swing doors are a classic and versatile addition to any interior design. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes that can add a touch of elegance and functionality to any space.

Whether you are looking to create a grand entrance or simply want to update your interior doors, swing ones are an excellent choice.

In this blog post, we will explore seven stylish ways to incorporate swing doors into your interior design.

From French-style ones to glass panel doors, we have you covered. Let’s get started!

Pros And Cons of a Swing Door

Swing Doors

Pros of a Swinging Door

  • Swing doors are highly functional and can be used for a variety of interior applications, from kitchens to bathrooms to flex spaces. They swing in both directions, self-return to the center, and can have a hold-open feature. The swing of the door can have a significant impact on the space in a room.
  • Swing openings can be made for all types of openings from 24″ wide to 72″ wide, and their double-action hardware ensures that there is always a door that is consistently left open. With the use of spring or gravity action, the hardware will swing the opening closed, and gravity hinges will allow for a hold-open feature in either direction at 90 degrees. The doors can be opened with a simple touch of a hand, elbow, or hip, without the need for any handle.
  • Swing doors offer a wide range of design options as they can be made of various materials such as glass, wood, spindles, louvers, or a combination of these. They can be customized to match your existing ones or to add a modern, whimsical, or rustic touch. When selecting a swing door, it is important to choose a solid hardwood that can endure the hardware’s action. A vast selection of hardwood is available for these entryways.
  • Double swinging doors are an excellent solution for smaller spaces as they allow for a space-saving solution. These doorways have smaller in-swing and out-swing than traditional doors with butt hinges and still provide all the same features listed above. Additionally, they can be installed in non-traditional entry openings with the use of trim boards.

Cons of a Swinging Door

  • Swing doors move in both directions and then return to the center, resulting in several back-and-forth swings. If you prefer a gentler motion, gravity hinges are recommended, as they allow for a quieter movement. However, with double-action hardware, there will still be some swinging action.
  • When using double-action hardware, there will be some gaps required. These gaps are comparable to those found in a traditional frame jamb. For double doors, an extra gap in the middle is necessary to allow the panels to swing without hitting each other. Since double entryways are installed without a doorstop, the gaps on the sides are minimal and vary depending on the double-action hardware used.

7 Stylish Ways to Embed Swing Doors in Your Interior

Swing Doors in the Bedroom

Modern Swing Doors for Bedroom

Swing doors can be a great choice for bedrooms, as they provide an excellent level of insulation and protect the room from drafts, extraneous sounds, and smells.

They are comfortable to use and don’t pose a problem for toddlers or the elderly. Additionally, swing doorways offer versatility and can match the interior of any style.

Frosted Glass Swing Doors for the Bathroom

Frosted glass swing doors are a popular choice for bathrooms because they let in natural light while visually enlarging the space and maintaining privacy.

They are also easy to maintain, requiring only periodic wiping with a damp cloth to prevent fungus and mold growth.

Mirrored Swing Doors for Closet

Mirrored closet doors not only create an illusion of a larger space, but they also reflect natural light and brighten up the room. Additionally, they offer several other benefits, and their integration into modern-style interiors is sure to be appreciated.

French Style Swing Doors for Living Room

French doors are a popular choice for living rooms as they offer easy access to the outdoors, plenty of natural light, and a sense of spaciousness.

Their timeless aesthetic can enhance modern and traditional properties. If you’re considering updating your living room with a beautiful French entrance.

Contemporary Swing Laundry Room Door

Laundry Room Swing Doors
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Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to design, but incorporating a stylish swing door can add both function and beauty to this frequently used space.

A contemporary swing entryway can enhance the overall design of a laundry room while also providing privacy and noise control.

With a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, such as glass or wood, a laundry room swing door can be customized to match any design style.

Additionally, swing doors can be a great space-saving solution in smaller laundry rooms, as they can be installed in non-traditional room openings with the use of trim boards.

Pivot Frameless Swing Door for Office

Pivot frameless swing doors offer a stylish and smooth opening and closing mechanism for office entryways.

They come in a variety of configurations, including self-closing options, and can be installed in pairs to accommodate wider entries.

These customizable partitions can fit into straight or curved configurations, and their height is only limited by the height of the partition.

The two-way pivoting door provides easy access to an office while adding a modern design element to the space.

Glass Swing Laundry Room Door

For small laundry rooms, choosing a clear single-panel glass door can help create a clean and airy feel.

This particular opening connects to the backyard, allowing in lots of natural light and providing a pleasant view. The inky black frame also creates a nice contrast against the stark white interiors.


swing doors
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Swing doors are a versatile and stylish addition to any interior design. From French-style doors to glass panel doors, there are many options available to suit your style and needs.

While swing openings have their pros and cons, they are a functional and elegant solution for many spaces.

By incorporating swing doors into your interior design, you can add a touch of sophistication and functionality to your home or office.

We hope these seven stylish ways to incorporate swing doors into your interior design have given you some inspiration for your next renovation project.