7 Ways to Keep Up on Crypto News in 2023

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An informed crypto investor makes for a better crypto investor. The crypto market moves fast.  If you want to strike while the iron is hot or get out before you lose your shirt, you need to be up to date on the latest news, trends, rumors, and every other factor that affects the markets. Cove Markets notes that tracking real-time news is an important cryptocurrency tool for any active trader.

The good news is, there are many places where you can get the latest crypto news.  You just need to know where to look. Specialized sites dedicated to crypto, crypto news aggregators, and crypto influencer accounts on each major social media platform can help you get the latest info. Here are seven ways to keep up on crypto news.

1. Cointelegraph

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Cointelegraph is a crypto news site that was founded in 2013. The site bills itself as the “leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends.” The site offers the latest general news about crypto as well as special sections for the top coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

Cointelegraph also keeps a Top 100 list of the most important people in the world of crypto. This is a great resource to help you find people to follow on social media, familiarize yourself with the big players in the industry and keep an eye out for their names in the news. The list includes CEOs, well-known investors, podcast hosts, coin creators, academics, and others influencing the world of cryptocurrencies.

2. Coindesk

Also established in 2013, Coindesk is the other big crypto news site that is a must-follow for crypto traders and investors. The site’s Executive Editor is Marc Hochstein who brings a wealth of experience from his time as editor-in-chief of American Banker. Investors can find news, videos, podcasts, and opinion pieces on Coindesk.

Coindesk releases an informative quarterly report known as “The State of Blockchain”. These reports dive into the data and trends behind the industry and have become an important informational tool for serious investors. For newer investors, the 101 guides and other learning tools on Coindesk can be a big help for getting crypto training.

3. CryptoPanic

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Crypto news sites like Cointelegraph and Coindesk are great but come with some problems. One is that there are many other smaller sites in addition to these top ones. The second issue is that you can spend all day going back and forth between those sites to get the latest news. Crypto news aggregators can simplify this mess. Aggregator sites scan the web for the latest crypto news from all sorts of sites and put the most important stories on one convenient dashboard.

Several crypto aggregator sites do this – CoinSpectator, CryptoGoat, FAWS, etc. – but the leading site is CryptoPanic. It gives you all the latest news you need.  You can sort by trend or by the coins in which you are most interested. It is the easiest way to get ALL the news you need in one spot.

4. Twitter

Of all the social media platforms, none do real-time news better than Twitter, which is why it may be the most important crypto social media platform. It is also a big part of the reason why Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey franks #11 on Cointelegraph’s list of the 100 most important people in crypto.

Twitter has many influencers you can follow to stay abreast of the latest news and opinions about the industry. Among them are active, well-known figures like Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and the controversial but always interesting John McAfee. Twitter also has some great less well-known accounts that are just as helpful, such as Andreas M. Antonopoulos who hosts the YouTube channel Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

5. Facebook

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Facebook may not be considered the tech-savvy social media platform anymore but there is still tons of news and info to be found on the site. Tim Hartford is an economic journalist with an active Facebook presence from whom you can learn important lessons as he keeps you up to date on all the latest news in the world of blockchain.

You can also find news about any aspect of crypto that interests you on the world’s largest social media platform. You can follow the likes of Blockchain Revolution author Dan Tapscott, crypto influencer Jen Buakaew (aka Jenny from the Blockchain), crypto trader and educator Nic Trades, and even former-child-actors-turned-crypto-millionaires Brock Pierce if you are looking for the more entertaining side of crypto news on Facebook.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media site for professionals, so it is no surprise that as the crypto world becomes more professional, more crypto influencers and newsmakers are using the platform. It is also the platform where you get more serious news, as opposed to the mix of infotainment you’ll find on some other social sites.

Some of the top people to follow on LinkedIn include trader Yagub Rahimov, blockchain tech expert David Gadd, crypto security specialist Mark Lynd, and early-adopting investor Meltem Demirors. This group will give you a well-rounded perspective of what is happening in crypto at any given moment.

7. Instagram

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Many people think Instagram is just for pretty pictures but for crypto enthusiasts the site is becoming an increasingly important go-to platform to find all types of news and information. Some of the more news-driven Instagram accounts include ShareCrypto, CoinStats, CoinExplorer, and The Cryptograph.

Instagram is also a place where you can find communities that develop around crypto subjects. These are usually fun or irreverent but being part of the community can give you access to crypto information that others may not get as fast. Some of the top crypto communities to follow on Instagram are CryptoBrekkie (aka Brekkie von Bitcoin), BitBoy_Crypto, Girl Gone Crypto, and Crypt0snews.


As a crypto trader and investor, you need news, and lots of it, in real-time. These seven sites, aggregators, and platforms are a great place to start to find the best news delivery system for you. It may be a lot to follow all these sites and influencers but if you pick the ones that best deliver news to you, you will be on your way to being a more informed, and hopefully more successful, crypto investor.


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