How to Manage Your Bets in an Online Casino – 10 Tips


Online gambling is at our fingertips 24/7, with websites and apps delivering top-notch entertainment. Many gamblers dream of seven-digit jackpots, but very few of them make more than they spend. In this flashy virtual environment with razor-sharp graphics and immersive sound effects, it is easy to get carried away.

Learn to stick to your betting limits and make the most of the online experience by finding the best US online casino out there. As you may or may not know, there are plenty to choose from. Almost 3,000 websites provide an incredible diversity of entertainment from creative giants like Microgaming.

Every casino approved by offers hundreds of games with flawless mobile access and engaging gameplay. It is easy to lose track of time when you spin the reels of slots like Atlantean Treasures. Here is what smart gamblers do:

Distinguish Games of Skill from Games of Chance

You may be surprised, but only a fraction of games on an average website require any skills or strategies. For example, blackjack players always split aces but never split tens. Poker experts know they should not be the first player to limp. In the live dealer mode, real employees who work in special studios deal with the cards or spin the roulette wheel. Standard games rely on RNGs.

Slots are always fully random. All you need to do is place a bet and spin the reels. The result depends on the mathematical sequence provided by the random number generator. This piece of software is responsible for ensuring fairness. There is no correlation between your past betting strategies or results and the future spins.

It is impossible to predict the next outcome, and casino operators do not have access to their RNGs. Before playing games of skill, learn as much as possible about the rules and recommended strategies, including types of bets. When playing slots, do not expect to see any logic. You cannot alter the odds by placing bigger bets.

Decide How Much You Can Lose

When setting a betting budget, consider the worst-case scenario. How much money can you afford to lose? Determine your limits per session and stick to them. Being on a winning streak is not an excuse for going over budget.

Never Gamble with Borrowed Money


Gambling with your own capital is risky enough, but borrowing is absolutely reckless. No casino can guarantee that you will win back the same amount by the due date. Moreover, borrowing always has a price.

If you get a bank loan, you will have to pay interest, so the deposit will become more expensive with every new day. If you borrow from a family member or friend and fail to pay them back, your relationship will be ruined.

Never Gamble When Intoxicated

Playing when you are drunk or on drugs is the worst. You will be unable to think rationally, and extreme losses are very likely. This never ends well. When pundits are drunk, they often bet more than they should and lose track of time.

Limit Your Playing Time


A gambling marathon is another disastrous idea. The more you gamble, the more difficult it is to make objective decisions. Set a strict limit per session, and make sure to include a break to keep your mind sharp.

Don’t Be Greedy

What goes up must come down. You never know when your luck will turn around. If you think that you are on a winning streak, this is not a reason to abandon your betting strategy. Remember that all outcomes are random, so you can lose your winnings at any moment. It is better to walk away with a small win than to wipe out your deposit

Don’t Play Games You Don’t Understand


Before placing a bet in a new game, try it for free. Your casino may offer a demo mode or provide different bonuses and rewards that let you play for free. For example, the welcome packages often include free spins for any slots in the collection. You can also get a modest cash amount and spend it on any games (the conditions may vary).

Check Terms and Conditions

Study this document carefully to understand all financial aspects of gambling at your chosen casino. Aside from the payment methods, consider the processing times, minimum withdrawal limits, and other specifics. Is there a commission for deposits through your preferred method? How soon can you collect your winnings, and when can bonuses be monetized?

Check Security Measures


It goes without saying that a gambler must choose only licensed and regulated casinos that work in their jurisdiction. There is no point accessing geo-blocked sites through a VPN, as you will not be able to collect your winnings. Every casino platform with a license confirms its players’ identities and locations.

Given the sheer number of cyber threats these days, security is paramount. Set to factor authentication on any of your online wallets, and do not share your credit card details on shady sites. Unless the platform has a license from the UK Gambling Commission or another reputable organization, it is a fraud.

Reliable vendors use encryption to protect any data exchanged between their websites and the users devices. Any page where personal or financial information is entered must have HTTPS and its URL, not HTTPS. The former is the secure version of the protocol.

The security of the connection must be confirmed by a green padlock sign in the address bar. This shows that the website has a proper SSL certificate. In terms of encryption, you will commonly see 128 bit or 256 bit systems. For maximized security, consider cryptocurrency payments.

The blockchain ledger does not store the identities of wallet holders, just their addresses. This is the most secure system for financial transactions online. If parting with your Bitcoins does not look reasonable, you can find casinos accepting Ether or other coins.

Never Lie

Be truthful with anyone who asks you about your gambling activities. Do not try to misrepresent your results. Deluding your friends and family members is a major red flag. If you feel that your gambling is getting out of control, seek professional help. Addiction is no laughing matter — around 1% of the global population (around 78 million people!). Have some form of gambling disorder.


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