Why is Online Gambling Illegal in Some Countries? 

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The Internet has taken the entire world by storm, that said, there is almost nothing that you cannot do online. Right from making payments, to buying things to consulting a doctor, you can do anything from anywhere through the internet.

Furthermore, you can also gamble online. Yes, what you are thinking is correct, that gambling is still illegal in some countries. Though it is legal in some countries and the laws there allow people to gamble online from the comfort of their homes.

However, the fact that online betting is illegal in some countries gives rise to a major question of why? If you have been finding out the reason behind why it is illegal in some countries, this article has got you covered.

A few cultures out there consider betting to be a sin or a crime, whereas a few places stay more concerned about the ramifications that betting can bring. The ramifications here are referred to developing interest in betting and thus turning into a behaviour, underage gambling, etc.

At times people rack up so much debt while betting that they end their lives. That said, to avoid such unforeseen difficulties and the decay of societal mores, some countries have decided to make it illegal.

Let us dive deep into it and understand more about why betting is illegal.

Reasons Behind Why Gambling Is Illegal In The First Place

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The greatest risk involved in online betting is that your personal information and cyber security are at stake. Therefore, you should always choose trusted websites to gamble your money. One of the best examples of a trusted website is www.joocasino.com. Furthermore, you should also check all the terms and conditions to ensure that the website is legal.

Also, it should have a reliable payment method. If you smell something fishy, don’t proceed. There are several countries where betting is illegal and the activity has been outlawed because of a variety of different reasons.

Generally, the activity is considered a sin, though there is no religion which states that betting is a sinful activity. No denying the fact, despite being fun, online betting comes at a price. You need to gamble your hard-earned money and if you lose all of it is gone. Hence, if planning to gamble, you need to make up your mind.

It is one of the major reasons why several countries consider betting illegal since they don’t want their people to get fooled, and lose money. There are several other reasons why online betting is illegal in several countries located all across the globe.

Addiction Issues

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As mentioned earlier, betting is something to which people get addicted easily, and they start with betting things that they cannot afford to lose. This becomes a huge problem, and this is usually done with the hope that they may win. There is no surprise why there is a ban on betting.

The ban is very common in countries where a good proportion of the population is poor. Even though the ban imposed is for the good of people, they always keep looking for loopholes with the help of which they can gamble. Strict bans are imposed and the punishments are also severe if someone is caught gambling. That said, they can either be fined heavily or can also be sentenced to jail.

Culture and Religion

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You must have come across a lot of countries where online gambling is banned. Have you ever noticed something common among all such countries? It is the religion and culture of that place.

Several countries and their culture take religion damn seriously, and they cannot go against it. In such places, gambling is sinful and is therefore discouraged. For example, if you go through the list of countries where online gambling is banned, you will find more Islamic countries.

Though, the ban is not limited to Islamic countries only. The religious laws of such countries are strict and they don’t allow gambling by any chance. There are several other countries where gambling is banned under their religion and hence, they don’t allow the activity to take place.

Morality Issues

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Ethics and morals do come into the picture when gambling laws are being created. No matter if it’s for online or offline gambling, they are the same.

Though gambling is done in moderation and incapacity is harmless, and many people just do it for fun, others take it to an entirely new level. This is where the cases of people losing money in gambling increase, and there is an increase in debts and gambling addiction.

Hence, to avoid such circumstances countries have started banning online gambling. Furthermore, it ensures that youngsters are not attracted to this world at a very tender age. Though this is not a full-proof solution to the problem of addiction, it will help to some extent.

A Few Ways Out When You Visit Such Countries

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If you have developed a love for gambling, then staying in such countries where online gambling is banned, becomes difficult. Though, it should not be the case. You will be surprised to know that the rules don’t apply to tourists in some countries. A few online websites also assure their players by taking the matter into their hands and assuring that they can gamble online, legally.

Though, we highly recommend that you should check the law of the country you plan to visit since being found violating the rules will not be good. Therefore, you should make sure that the place you are planning to visit is completely fine with tourists gambling in their country.


The number of online casinos found nowadays is much more than what was found a few years back. With the increase in popularity and interest, people are more and more into gambling online.

There are a few countries that have strict laws against gambling and they don’t even allow a single person to break it. Moreover, the future of online gambling looks brighter since more and more people are nowadays found inclined towards it. Some countries show their attitude towards online gambling, and not all are against it.