5 Useful Platforms to Send & Receive Fax For Business – 2023 Guide

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Most businesses still prefer to share important documents through fax services. However, using a fax service can sometimes be challenging. It is because you need a fax machine to scan the document and share it with other people.

Fortunately, many online platforms offer fax services to their users. These services do not require any type of fax machine and work purely on internet services. 

If you are not sure about these solutions’ working, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Internet Faxing? How Does it Work?

Internet faxing is an advanced method that makes faxing over the internet possible. For this, you need to use an online fax service to send and receive fax documents. Service providers of fax from phones like CocoFax and Fax.com ensure you get a reliable way to share documents.

It works by using a virtual fax number to send and receive fax documents. This number is attached to your online account for easy access.

Here are the best applications to send & receive a fax for business.

1. CocoFax

If you want an effective yet affordable fax service provider, CocoFax is the right solution for you. It helps you send and receive fax papers without using a fax machine. Additionally, it has a secure server and sends documents by encrypting them. Therefore, it is perfect for sending fax for business purposes.

CocoFax offers a free fax number to help you start without a fax machine. You can share that number with your colleagues to receive any fax on the go. Additionally, you can send any fax to their fax machine right from your browser.

Just upload the document, enter the recipient’s fax number, and share the document with them instantly. The process is much simpler when the other person is on CocoFax as well.

It offers advanced delivery reports that provide an instant update of the document status. This feature eliminates the need for other modes of communication for delivery reports.

The best part is- CocoFax is free to use and does not charge anything for the first few fax documents. Later, you can subscribe to their membership to use premium features.

Receiving Fax on Gmail With CocoFax

You can receive fax directly on your Gmail with its advanced features. It saves you the cost of phone and cable bills as the whole process takes place through your internet network. Additionally, you can keep them on your Google drive and check them later.

The document is encrypted on your Gmail so that no one else can track the confidential information from the fax. Therefore, small and large businesses can use this solution for an easy way to fax.

2. RingCentral

Source: ringcentral.com

RingCentral is another business solutions provider that lets you send and receive fax remotely. It is a complete solution for small businesses to improve their customer experience. They offer VoIP calls and fax services to their customers. Thus, you can get its premium services to use VoIP calling and remote faxing to minimize your communications cost.

However, it is efficient if you use both services. Otherwise, it will cost you more than the regular fax service due to the increased costs.

The best way to decide whether you need this server is by considering your business requirements. If you can use VoIP services in your business, it will be an excellent investment for you.

Otherwise, it is better to avoid this application just for using fax services.

3. PamFax

Source: filehorse.com

PamFax has created a loyal base of users in the past few years. This platform is operating in more than 200 countries, making it the largest network of fax services. You can use this platform to send or receive a fax paper from your browser.

It offers fax services for as low as $0.12 per document. Thus, you can consider using this platform for effective prices. Additionally, it is available on Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac OS X operating systems.

The only limitation is that you get only three free documents. After that, you need to subscribe to their membership. Additionally, the fax number is temporary, based on your subscription.

4. WestFax

Source: westfax.com

We love WestFax as it provides an easy way to send and receive fax documents. It is an excellent choice for businesses because of its high-security levels. Additionally, all the files are password-protected so that no one else can access them.

They deal in different fax solutions and cover business, healthcare, and broadcast faxing. It has a secure, HIPAA compliant faxing system that makes it an encrypted solution.

However, it is more technical than other platforms. Hence, you must decide whether you want a more secure and technical platform or a secured platform with advanced features.

5. Fax.com

Source: businessinsider.com

You can never ignore this website when it comes to online fax services. Fax.com is the oldest player in this game. It helps its users to send fax documents to any fax number. You can send a fax from this website for as low as $.03 per page. 

It is one of the most affordable platforms for this service. However, its website is old-fashioned and does not support receiving faxes. Thus, it may turn out as a deal-breaker for most businesses.

However, if you just need to send fax documents to multiple recipients, it can turn out as an excellent solution for you.

Tip: Visit its website and check the updated information for the accurate cost of sending a fax.

Final Words

Every business requires fax services to share confidential data. These online fax services make it easy to carry your business from anywhere. They are safe, reliable, and do an excellent job for the businessmen. 

You can choose any of these applications based on your requirements. However, we recommend CocoFax as a complete solution for all fax needs. It is fast, secure, and provides easy access to advanced tools.


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