6 Most Profitable Sports to Bet on For Beginners

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This is the first question that every betting rookie will ask. Sports betting brings great fun, but your primary goal is to make money. If you are a beginner in sports betting, but there is a sport that you are an expert in because you have been watching it for years, then it is definitely a sport that you should bet on immediately because you have prior knowledge of it.

In addition to your favorite sport, there are several other sports that are suitable to bet on. While you may think all sports are similar, this is not the case. Some are much less demanding to bet on than others.

Many factors affect this. In this article, we will analyze what are the best sports for betting. Also, it is important that you go to a reliable website such as N1Bet if you want to gamble on sports online. This will help you quickly start making money this way, and not waste money and time until you learn which game and sport to choose.

1. Soccer

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If you read us from the USA, you will probably be very surprised (unpleasantly) that soccer is first on our list. But let us explain why soccer is a potential gold mine for you. Soccer is the most popular sport in three quarters of the world and it gives us something very important – volume. There are hundreds of professional soccer leagues around the world.

Leagues played in European countries are certainly considered the best, as are intercontinental competitions such as the Champions League. There are also competitions between nations, such as the FIFA World Cup and so on. All of this gives you hundreds of matches on a daily basis throughout the year. No other sport has such a volume, especially when we talk about professional sports.

So even if you haven’t watched soccer so far, you should choose a few leagues to follow. You don’t have to become a die-hard soccer fan and watch every game, but follow the results and base your bets on it. A little time and effort can pay off many times over when it comes to soccer, known as football outside of the USA.

2. Tennis

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Another sport that gives you enormous volume is tennis. At least one tournament is played practically every week throughout the year, and dozens of professional ATP and WTA tournaments are played every week for most of the year. The ATP Cup starts on January 1, featuring the best players in the world, and the Mubadala World Tennis Championship exhibition takes place in mid-December, which means that you can bet on tennis all year round.

And you don’t have to bet on the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF Men’s World Tennis Tour where players outside of the top 100 play. You have the opportunity to constantly bet on ATP 250, ATP 500, Masters and Grand Slams where the best players like Nadal, Djokovic and others play. The same goes for women’s tennis, which is organized by the WTA.

Tennis is a simple sport to understand, so it won’t take you long to learn the rules and the players. All players are talented, so you can often win big money when a lower ranked player beats a higher ranked player. Also, if you want to take less risk and make your winnings safer, bet on the best players who lose only a few times throughout the year.

3. NFL and NCAA football

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You probably grew up watching NFL and NCAA football. So even though you know nothing about sports betting, you know a lot about football, rules, teams and players. And that’s why you should focus on football competitions, because there are great chances to make money even as a beginner in sports betting.

We recommend that you start with the NFL and NCAA Division I Football because you are familiar with all the happenings. Knowledge of a particular sport plays a big role when deciding which bet to place money on.

Take advantage of the first rounds played in the NFL in particular, because then you have the best chance of making money. Bookmakers still don’t know exactly how good each team is and then you can take advantage of it.

4. NBA and NCAA basketball

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Just like we said for NFL and NCAA football, it also applies to NBA and NCAA basketball. These are the most watched sports and leagues in the USA and you surely watch dozens of games every month. When you bet on NCAA basketball, March Madness, the final tournament, is especially interesting.

And what makes the NBA better for betting than the NFL is the volume. Similar to soccer and tennis, the NBA offers you a huge number of games each year. Almost every night during the regular part of the season you have at least a few matches available.

5. Boxing and UFC

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Boxing and the UFC are popular all over the world. Box matches are always pay-per-view (PPV) events that attract tens of millions of fans, but also people who like sports betting. We almost had three fights between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, and millions of dollars were invested as bets in that match. The UFC has become even more popular than boxing, both because of its dynamism and because of the large number of matches.

6. NHL and MLB

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Hockey and baseball are two of course very different sports, but we both consider them great for sports betting because of the volume and because of the popularity. The NHL plays a similar number of games as the NBA, and the MLB plays many more. And that’s why if you lose money one night because you missed the bets, you can earn even more tomorrow.


If you ask 10 people what is the best sport for betting, you will probably get 10 different answers. The reason why this is so is very clear. Everyone has their own preferences and knowledge about a particular sport or more of them.

However, the sports we have mentioned here have proven to be the most profitable over the years. When you look at the statistics, you will realize that it is really much easier to predict the outcome of the above-mentioned sports compared to some others.