4 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing RTA Kitchen Cabinets

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When the time finally comes for a home renovation, there is a whole lot to think about and plan for. Depending on which room you want to upgrade there are certain approaches that make it all different and unique. The most important sections of the home, according to the majority of homeowners, are facilities you cannot actually live a quality life without. They include the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen. Without these you would not be able to properly function throughout the day as all three serve a very important purpose.

The Kitchen is the King

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In this article however, we will focus on the kitchen, a room which is said to be the heart of every home. Since it is the place where you prepare and eat food, as well as keep most of your groceries and ingredients, the kitchen is truly the centerpiece of every home. The living room is usually thought as the main room, but that is in terms of having guests over and entertaining them. For the actual family living in the home, it will always be the kitchen.

For these reasons it is prevalent that it is up to a certain standard and that you have everything in it that you require. There should be nothing lacing in your kitchen that would disrupt the way of life your family prefers. This means the utilities for cooking and keeping food have to be sufficient, but the supporting elements are the true difference makers. You will not be keeping all of your food in the fridge, nor will you keep it out on the counters. Therefore, you require quality cabinets.

In the modern day and age, it is the Ready to Assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets that take the cake and the thing you should be aiming for. If you want to learn more about these kitchen cabinets, you came to the right place. In this article we will tell you all you need to know about them by talking about the things you should know before purchasing them. To find out more info on them and browse through a great collection, make sure to check out Kitchen Cabinet Depot.

1. Quality and Materials Matter

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It matters what material you pick for your kitchen elements and cabinets because it either makes or breaks the kitchen, both in terms of function and practicality, and the aesthetics. The difference in quality differs greatly and you should never get the one made from light and barely sturdy materials. The worse it is, the shorter it will last. And considering the fact that you will hardly be renovating your kitchen that often, it makes much more sense to get something great that will last you a lifetime.

On the other hand, you do not have to get the most expensive solution either. It is much more important that your cabinets have the right features made out of the right materials. For example, the drawers should always be solid wood, while the panels should either be solid wood or solid plywood. Aim for wooden frames to, and you will want your finish to be hand-wiped or brushed. The handles look and feel best when they are made of matte or glossy metal, never plastic.

2. Tools Needed

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Since they are ready to be easily assembled, you will not need to put in a lot of work to get them together or mount them on the walls. However, some basic tools will need to be by your side. You will need them to assemble the smaller parts onto the larger once and then connect the larger parts onto each other. If you ever had to assemble a piece of modern furniture, you exactly how much work awaits and how straightforward it usually is.

You probably already own the tools you will require. Speaking of the tools, make sure you own a nail gun, a table saw, a level, a drill, and a screwdriver. You may also need to use a hammer. All of these are as basic as they come, so if you lack a few you can always ask a friend or a family member to lend you theirs. Maybe your handy neighbor has them in their tool shed.

3. DIY Skills

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The assembly of cabinets and any other RTA furniture is practically a DIY project, so naturally you will require the proper attitude and skills needed for it. Doing things yourself is hardly the most difficult thing in the world. Thanks to the very clear instructions that come with pictures and easy to follow markings, it will all be one fun project you can either do completely on your own or with the help of an equally (un)skilled family member.

Always stick to the order in the instructions so as not to use the wrong screw, only to realize it later when you actually need it for something else. Those of you who are handy with everyday maintenance and different house chores will surely make easy work of the whole assembly process, while the ones who have never done something like this will have a fun challenge ahead of them.

4. Cost

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We touched upon a similar topic while discussing the materials and the quality. Obviously, solid wood will always be the most expensive option to go with, but it is also the best quality and look you can have. Nowadays there are different combinations of other materials including vinyl and metal, but there is something about wooden kitchen cabinets that makes them truly stand out. The price range greatly varies, as you can find a single cabinet in a price range between $200 and $1000.

It is always best to look for sets, or have them ordered and custom made so that they can fit your kitchen accurately and without any unused room. You can save money on RTA kitchen cabinets but you should definitely not look to save as much as you can. They tend to be cheaper than other cabinets that are not ready for assembly, and they are easier for shipping, so try to stream your money towards the right quality, material, and size.


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