Sending Gifts to the USA: Tips for Successfully Shipping Special Parcels

Sending Gifts to the USA

Sending special parcels to anyone in the USA is a great way to cross the distances and spread joy. The occasion is not important. A birthday, holiday, or just to prove you care, the right gift makes all the difference.

Remember, it’s not just about the present. It’s the emotion and connection it represents. Every gift has a chance to become a cherished memory.

Choosing the Right Gifts

An ideal gift is all about people’s tastes and interests. Itr should be a bullseye. Take into account their hobbies, needs, and desires. Personalized items are good. Local specialties too. Aim for something they’ve longed for.

But, be mindful of the USA’s import regulations. You need to ensure your gift doesn’t get caught up in customs hell. To avoid any issues you should use legitimate companies such as Happy-Post to send parcel to US.

While you think about the uniqueness of the gift, have an eye on laws and regulations too. When everything is in order, any gift will represent your relationship. It’s the small and personal touches that shape a simple present into something special.

Packaging Tips


Proper packaging is the essence of a good gift and its shipping. Use sturdy boxes. Ensure the sufficient padding to protect your items. Fragile items need extra care with bubble wrap or foam.

The package needs to be sealed securely to avoid damage or loss during transit. A well-packaged gift shows that you care. So, it’s not just about the item inside. It’s also about its safe arrival.

Addressing and Labeling

Accurate addressing and labeling are essential. Include the full name, address, and ZIP code of the recipient. Double-check for any errors. Use clear and durable labels, and consider waterproofing them.

Incorrect or unclear information can lead to delays or even lost parcels. Make sure to also include your return address and contact information, just in case the parcel needs to be returned or there are queries from the carrier.

Selecting a Reliable Shipping Carrier

Choose a carrier based on reliability, cost, and delivery speed. Major carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS offer various options for international shipping. Compare their prices, delivery times, and service quality.

Some may offer better rates for heavier packages, while others might be faster. Also, consider the carrier’s reputation for handling international parcels, as this can greatly affect the condition in which your gift arrives.

Customs and Duties


Understand customs regulations and duties when shipping internationally. Declare the contents and value of your parcel accurately to avoid delays. Gifts usually have a duty-free allowance, but this varies.

Familiarize yourself with the USA’s specific rules to prevent unexpected charges or hold-ups. Being aware of these regulations helps in selecting gifts that are not only delightful but also compliant with international shipping laws.

Tracking and Insurance

Opt for tracking and insurance for peace of mind. Tracking lets you monitor your parcel’s journey, while insurance protects against loss or damage.

These services might add to the cost, but they offer security, especially for valuable or sentimental items. Having these options allows you to stay informed and reassured throughout the shipping process, ensuring that your gift reaches its destination safely.

Delivery Timeframes

delivery timeframe international shipping

Delivery times vary based on the origin and the shipping option chosen. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Plan and send your gifts well in advance, especially during busy seasons like holidays, to ensure timely arrival.

Consider time zones and working days in different countries, as these can also affect delivery times.