This Is Why You Should Think About Using A Multi-Cloud Strategy


Nowadays, our world revolves around gadgets, electronics, and high-tech things since it simply makes our life easier and better. Although because of all the techy stuff that our world offers, one of the things that we humans struggle with the most is doing backup. It is the process of replicating databases, whether real or virtual, to a different location for storage in the event of a catastrophe or equipment failure. Some backup providers don’t handle your files very well. Luckily they created a multi-cloud strategy.

Backblaze Inc. was founded in 2007 by Gleb Budman, Billy Ng, Nilay Patel, Brian Wilson, Tim Nufire, Damon Uyeda, and Casey Jones. B2 Cloud Storage and Computer Backup are its two core offerings, which cater to both commercial and consumer sectors.

Here are the benefits of using a Multi-cloud strategy

1 Easy to use

The user only needs to configure the application and then let it perform the backup chores. Once configured, Backblaze automatically backs up data to a cloud server without the user’s involvement.

2 Tight security

When looking for a backup application, it must guarantee data protection. Well, say no more. Backblaze has security tools that keep your data safe and secure. It can protect against malware and any other viruses. Authy and Google Authenticator are, as it were, two of the suppliers that Backblaze underpins for two-factor confirmation. As a result, to get to your Backblaze account, you may have to confirm your login accreditations by employing a versatile gadget, or an e-mail takes note.

3 Unlimited backup

Backblaze has unlimited storage for all purchasers so that you can back up different types of files with total sizes.

How Much Does Multi-Cloud Strategy Backblaze Cost?


Not like any other backup application. Backblaze is inexpensive, and its security is exceptionally tight. Here is how much they charge: Month to Month: $7.00; One Year: $70.00; Two Years: $130.00 ($5.42; /month). When you register, you’ll receive a free 15-day trial.

What’s New In Backblaze 2023 Updates

To make it easier to build third-party software that works with Backblaze B2, Backblaze has also improved its partner API. The business also unveiled a new reseller pricing structure to attract more users to the platform. All these extra capabilities appear that Backblaze is an organisation that’s genuinely endeavouring to be the most remarkable cloud capacity and reinforcement arrangement out there.

Choose Backblaze

As it is the best backup application ever invented. It provides impressive security, and it is 100% safe. Many people recommend using Backblaze to back up your files to the cloud. Since it offers unlimited storage and accepts different types of documents in huge sizes. Vastly on demand, It is one of the oldest cloud storage providers in the sector, with over 500,000 users in 175 countries.

Our Experience With Backblaze

Backblaze is one of the most secure and easy apps for backup that I have used. It is safe and offers a fair price. It is easy to use, especially on MAC and PC. But there are also cons with Backblaze: it can be slow when uploading your files to the cloud, one computer per licence, a primary web interface, No File Explorer or Finder integration, and no support for data sync between computers.

Overall no problems with a security breach and sudden loss of files and data. And has a helpful feature called the ‘LOCATE MY COMPUTER FUNCTION’ that can allow you to find your electronics whenever it is lost or stolen. And when you are concerned with the data being compromised by other people, you can use SOS online backup.