Top 15 Free Cell Phones for the 2023 Seniors


There was a time when mobile phones were considered a gadget or a luxury product and few people could buy them, but today it has become a necessity for everyone, including the elderly, to stay in touch with family, friends and society. Many elderly people are isolated from their families, have a low or no income that prevents them from buying a mobile phone.

Free mobile phones for the elderly

But who would have thought that there would come a day when free mobile phones would be offered to the elderly to make their lives more comfortable and easier? The U.S. government has made it easier for older people to access mobile phones, even if they cannot afford them. Having a free mobile phone doesn’t mean everyone can have one. The Land government has laid down certain rules and admission conditions, criteria and programmes to be followed in order to obtain free mobile phones for the elderly. Not everyone will be able to benefit from these programs. Below is a list of programmes that existed for qualification and suitability.

Pensioners who can request a free mobile phone :

  • Low family income or individual income
  • Over 65 years old.
  • Disability, illness.

Qualification and certification programmes for free mobile phones


The programme is aimed at elderly people from poor families. Medicaid offers healthcare in the form of nursing homes for people of all ages. To use their services you need a membership document.

Request for confirmation of membership: The accession document shall contain

  • Name of the oldest
  • Accommodation address
  • date of issuance
  • the name of the authority and the State where the card is produced

Additional income from guarantees

Disabled persons, persons over 65 years of age and orphans, who cannot look after themselves because of their low income, are taken care of by the SS, i.e. additional income from security. It is part of a program that serves about 8 million Americans, and that number is growing and never ceases.

Request for confirmation of membership: The accession document shall contain

  • Name of the program
  • Certificate.
  • Name of the applicant
  • The address is.
  • Date of issue of the certificate

Bureau for Indian Affairs Total assistance

This program is intended for American Indian families who, in addition to financial support, also cover the cost of food, housing and utilities.

Request for confirmation of membership: The accession document shall contain

  • Name
  • date of issuance

Start of trunk

Tribal Head Start supports Indian families living below the poverty line. The most important task is the emotional, psychological and social support of children between the ages of 3 and 5. It supports children by helping them with education, health care, parental involvement and literacy.

Conditions for confirmation of membership

  • Membership letter
  • Confirmation of registration relating to the child’s name

Top 15 Best free mobile phones for seniors

There is a wide variety of mobile phone brands and technologies on the market today, but everyone wants the best for themselves, just like the elderly. There are several of the best mobile phones for the elderly on the market.

Here is a list of the best and most mandatory free mobile phones for seniors 2019 on the market.

1. Single Wireless

Pensioners living in Kentucky, Missouri and Oklahoma can request an easy to use wireless smartphone.

Who can apply?

Senior citizens who are part of a health care system and whose income is below the poverty line can benefit from these government smartphones.

A simple wireless network

Easy Wireless Monthly Plans:

  • For residents of Oklahoma: Unlimited text, 2250 minutes and 50 MB of Internet data for only $1 per month. Plans may vary depending on whether tribal or non-tribal.
  • For another state: It changes from time to time, so you should check it before charging it.

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2. Cintex Wireless

Pensioners who are looking for free mobile phones in Arkansas, Maryland, West Virginia and Rhode Island or who live in the North American region can sign up.

Who can apply?

  • Low incomes below the poverty line can be transferred to a Cintex smartphone.
  • Evidence is required at the time of application.

Cintex Wireless Monthly Plans:

  • The Cintex price plan includes 1000 free minutes, unlimited text and 1 GB of internet data.

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3. True wireless communication

Looking for a freemobile phone for seniors in Texas? True Wireless offers free government phones in Texas and three other states: Maryland, Oklahoma, Kansas and Rhode Island.

Monthly plans for real wireless communication:

  • 500 calls, text messages and 500 MB of Internet data.

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4th day Mobile

Tag Mobile is the best freesenior citizen mobile phone in California. It offers free smartphones in 19 American states…

Monthly plans

  • In California: Unlimited calling, unlimited texting and 2 GB of internet data.
  • In other countries: 750 call minutes, unlimited text and 1 GB of Internet data.

Internet plans:

  • The sim plan: 2 GB per month
  • Plan for smartphone : 1 GB per month

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5. Wireless Q-Link

The mobile phone provider Q-Link is considered to be the best-known provider of free public mobile phones for pensioners. It offers its services to several American regions and states, including Hawaii, Georgia, Iowa, Arizona and Indiana.

Monthly plans

  • The basic package includes unlimited SMS messages and 500 free minutes for phone calls.
  • In general, the plan differs from state to state.
  • No activation costs
  • No credit check.
  • No short-term contracts.

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6. connecting to the wireless network

Looking for free mobile phones for seniors in California? Entouch’s wireless technology is developing rapidly and offers its services in several countries. It offers its services in more than 20 states.

Who can apply?

  • Senior citizens should be included in the government’s aid programme.
  • Household income is expected to be between 135 and 150%.

Monthly plans available:

  • There are civilians in California: Call plan for 500 minutes, 100 text messages and 10 MB of internet data.
  • In the tribal areas: Unlimited speaking time, unlimited text and 750 MB of internet data.

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7. US support

American Assistance is a company that offers its services throughout the country. It currently offers free smartphones in 16 states. One of the most important advantages a beneficiary can get is total freedom. No fee, no contract, nothing.

Who can apply?

It differs from state to state; as a rule, citizens participating in government programmes are entitled to it.

Monthly plans

  • 500 minutes talk time Talk time
  • 500 text messages and 1 GB of internet data.

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8. Wireless access

Cities such as Colorado, California, Delaware, Alabama and other states are rapidly developing wireless access. The plans may vary from state to state.

Monthly plans available: There are two kinds of plans:

  • 100 minutes talk time, unlimited text and 500 MB of internet data
  • 500 minutes talk time, unlimited SMS messages and unlimited internet data.

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9. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is the best free phone for people in New York, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Who can apply?

  • Low-income families can sign up at very affordable prices.
  • Strict rules and regulations are necessary to confirm the right to take part in the competition.
  • Failure to abide by the rules may mean that a citizen cannot benefit from the lifebuoy.

Below you’ll find Verizon Wireless’ top ten free public phone numbers for seniors;

  • Telephone X
  • Iphone XR
  • Google Pixel 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • LG V40 ThinQ
  • Samsung Galactic Note 9
  • Red Hydrogen One
  • Motorcycle Z3
  • HTC U12+
  • Phone Xs Max.

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10. Secure wireless communication

It is one of the oldest and most popular companies offering free mobile phones in over 40 states across the country. The person entitled to apply for this link must be a member of the Lifeline Plan and must have appropriate proof.

Monthly plans

For residents of California:

  • Unlimited text and calls + 500 MB of Internet data – free of charge
  • Unlimited text and communication + 1.5 GB of Internet data – $10.00 per month
  • Unlimited text and calls + 4 GB internet data tariff plan – $17.60 per month
  • Unlimited texting and calling + 10 GB of internet data – $32.60 per month

For other residents of the State

  • Unlimited number of texts
  • 1 GB for one month
  • Free SIM card
  • 350 free call minutes during the month

If the recipient has applied for a free telephone advert, he or she may have the following experience;

  • Free smartphone with Wi-Fi and Internet data support.
  • 350 free call minutes during the month
  • 500 Mb free
  • Unlimited number of texts

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11. Truconnect

TruConnect offers its services in several states, including California, Texas, Nevada, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Mexico. The services vary from state to state.

Who can apply?

  • It depends on the State of residence of the beneficiary.
  • Depends on family income.
  • The beneficiary must be registered in a State aid programme.
  • TruConnect offers monthly plans:

for Californian users;

Unlimited calling, unlimited SMS and a 500 MB internet data subscription.

For Mexican users:

200 minutes speaking time Voting plan

For other countries:

Unlimited number of text messages, 100 call minutes, 500 MB internet subscription.

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12. SafetynetWireless network

High school students living in Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Kentucky can sign up for a wireless Safetynet plan. It is under development in other states and should be available soon. Of all the states, California is the first to use this connection.

Who can sign up for Safetynet wireless smartphone services?

  • The beneficiary must participate in the aid programme throughout his or her life.
  • Must have a low income
  • Should be covered by the federal aid program

Monthly plans available:

It has a basic Lifeline tariff plan that includes 750 voice calls in call mode and 500 SMS messages without an Internet tariff plan.

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13. Terracom Wireless

To date Terracom Wireless offers services in 9 states. The arrangements vary from one State to another depending on the place of residence of the beneficiary.

Who can apply?

  • Low-income beneficiaries
  • Beneficiaries covered by the government’s aid programme.

Monthly plans of Terracom Wireless:

For residents of Oklahoma:

1,000 call schedules for telephone calls, unlimited SMS and 500 MB of Internet data

For non-tribes living in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri:

500 voice calls and unlimited text messages.

For other tenants:

500 minutes of phone calls and unlimited texting.

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14. Own calls

It is one of the leading providers of contactless telephone services. It offers its services throughout the country, regardless of the state or city where the elderly live.

Monthly net call plans available:

  • Unlimited Plan Plus :
  • Unlimited speaking time,
  • Unlimited number of texts,
  • Multimedia messages and a 2 GB internet data plan.
  • It also offers a flexible plan, a flexible family plan and unlimited flexible plans with different plans and suggestions.

15. Tel-Alaska

It only provides services for the state of Alaska. It’s designed exclusively for Alaska. TelAlaska offers 4 mobile phone rates. Users can choose the plan that suits them. The plans are the rescue plan, the local plan only, the local and further plan, and the student plan. There is an internet plan for users who want to move around on the network. This is in addition to what the mobile phone tariffs of other business competitors can offer.

Monthly rate plans for Rescue plan services:

– Unlimited local calls

– High quality free mobile phone

– 400 minutes to talk. (roaming and local)

– Free texting throughout the country

Cheque transactions

How to choose the best mobile phone for the elderly

Because of their age, older people have many health problems – they can have hearing problems, visual impairments, body aches and pains – they are very numerous. Taking all these factors into account, you should choose your mobile phone accordingly. The following steps give a clear picture of the choice of a mobile phone suitable for the elderly.

1. Wireless media

Before dialling a phone, check which connection is suitable for your senior citizen. Because there are connections that are only covered in a few areas of the country and that are only compatible with a few phones. It’s a good idea to choose the network operator before you make a phone call, an operator who provides good service wherever you go, whether it’s at home, in another city, in a shopping mall or at any holiday destination.

Ask your friends, family and loved ones which operators they use for coverage, monthly plans, network issues that can help you make better decisions. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T Cell Phones For Seniors is highly recommended. It is at the top of the operators and offers its best services throughout the United States. You can also view the top 10 AARP mobile phones for seniors.

2. Requirements for the functions desired by your senior

Everyone has their own choices and preferences. Some seniors may want a phone just for making calls with big buttons, and others may want a phone with all the amenities such as internet, music and entertainment, video calls with their high prices, video streaming and online music.

Flip phonesor block phones are suitable for those who only want to make phone calls or possibly SMS, and if the receiver wants all the other functions mentioned above, follow the smartphone.

Before choosing a smartphone, you should take the following characteristics into account when requesting a smartphone

Speaker Quality: Elderly people generally have hearing problems. Make sure that the phone you are using is equipped with good quality speakers that do not interfere with background noise. For better understanding, phones that are classified as a specific combination of M3, M4, T3 or T4 comply with the Federal Communications Commission’s standards for hearing aid compatibility.

Long life battery: For the elderly, the best phone is one with a durable battery on a single charge, so no one has to worry if they’re not home for a long day. Attention must be paid to battery life.

Voice Command Capacity: This feature makes life easier for older people because there are phones that carry out verbal commands, such as calling, sending a message or retrieving mail. Recipients who have difficulty tapping or scrolling the screen will find voice commands for compatible phones that are best suited to their situation.

Bright, widescreen: Many elderly people have poor eyesight. They can’t see small things well, which is why large, bright phone screens are best for them, because large screens are easier to handle for older eyes.

GPS Object: When you turn on the GPS, you can receive step-by-step instructions or use your phone as a tracking device.

3. Passing the test for application:

Visit the store before making your request and bring the device that interests you to make sure it meets all your needs. Check personally that he meets all the conditions you set for him. Make sure that the doorbell is loud enough, the display is clear enough and the buttons are large enough. In most cases, you have the right to return or exchange the phone within 15 to 30 days of purchase.

Best Flip Phones and Block Phones for Seniors

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are still many older people who prefer simplicity and flipping or blocking phones. Here are some of the best rocker and block phones for seniors

1. Telephone Sheet: It is specially designed for older people with large pimples. The Jitterbug is considered the best flip phone for seniors so far. It is a basic plastic model with the following characteristics

Jitterbug flip phone functions:

  • It has a simple menu,
  • Illuminated keyboard,
  • Easy-to-read text,
  • Excellent battery performance,
  • They have speakers that are highly compatible with hearing aids.
  • Includes a camera with a flash (room for about 1000 photos).
  • He’s got a magnifying glass.

Paid services: By paying a monthly fee, senior citizens can benefit from paid services, i.e.

  • Automatic drug reminders
  • Access to health professionals 24*7
  • Connects to an operator who can track the caller via GPS by pressing a 5-star button.

2. Alcatel GO-Flip:

Are you looking for a cheap graduate phone? The Alcatel GO Flip is the cheapest phone with the most unique features for seniors. T-Mobile and Sprint offer these phones. It has large raised keys with large print numbers, good call quality and discreet noise reduction.

Other integrated functions:

  • Built-in camera and video player.
  • Good and long battery life
  • Wi-Fi access point.

It is highly appreciated in the largest retail outlet and the fact that it is one of the few phones under $100* on 4G LTE networks is now accepted by all mobile operators. Absolutely a fast connection, a connection to the internet, wherever the user is, in the valley or in the mountains.

3. Doro 7050

Doro 7050 is designed for older people who still value simplicity. A simple mobile phone that can be used to make calls and send text messages. It has a high quality call function, a bright screen, backlit buttons including a separate button to activate the integrated camera.

Other business functions include

  • It has a MicroSD lock.
  • Bluetooth for hands-free communication
  • A warning button that activates a programmed emergency contact, but only if it is pressed three times in a row. This may sound a bit cumbersome, but it means you’re less likely to accidentally activate.

Best smartphone for seniors

1. iPhone 7

The user-friendly interface and operating system features make iPhone 7 the best and most perfect smartphone for the elderly. I call it unbeatable.

Integrated functions as in

  • It has a bright and colorful 4.7-inch LCD screen.
  • It has double columns,
  • Available with 32GB or 128GB memory, depending on the model you get. Even in low light, front and rear cameras tend to produce high quality images.

2. Samsung Galaxy J3

It is a cheap smartphone from all Samsung series, compatible with the 4g network. Isn’t that the icing on the cake? The following functions are built into this phone

  • Long life battery
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • microSD card slot
  • Front and rear cameras that can take clear and decent photos even in low light.
  • High resolution quality. It can film in HD quality.

3. Motorola Moto E4

It offers seniors valuable and exceptional quality within their budget. It is a lightweight with a water-repellent coating on the screen.

Built-in functions:

  • It’s got a five-inch HD screen…
  • He has reasonable resilience,
  • There are cameras front and back.
  • It has an exceptionally long battery life, which can also be removed and replaced if necessary.
  • It is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that allows the phone to be unlocked at the touch of a button.

4. Jitterbug smartphone

Jitterbug is the best a senior can have. This jitterbug Android smartphone has a number of very simplified functions, namely

  • 5.5-inch screen with clear display
  • The quality of the phone call is very clear and strong.
  • 5-star alarm buttons appear on the screen
  • Ideal for hearing aids
  • Supports speech-to-text transmission
  • Large icons in a simple list and extra large text.
  • Additional applications are available to remind senior citizens of their medication and health advice provided by qualified professionals and are available for a fee.

Consequences of the use of mobile phones by elderly citizens


Medical problems increase with age. Secondary school students are more susceptible to emergency situations such as heart attacks and strokes that require immediate treatment. Possessing a mobile phone can help the elderly by contacting them via the emergency call or directly via 911.


Who doesn’t want to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones? Mobile phones made it easy to communicate with anyone via phone calls, text messages and video calls, or live via Face Time and WhatsApp video calls.

Health surveillance

Access to smartphones can help senior citizens keep track of their current state of health. Integrated health applications can help them register and collect information about their heart rate, weight and other medications stored.

Never feel lonely

Wherever their close relatives are, older people can easily reach them with their mobile phones and never feel lonely when they meet them, because all they need is a phone call.

Total combined

Stay in touch with your grandparents; receive occasional information about their well-being and lifestyle with free mobile phones. To get a free mobile phone for the elderly, you just need to know and understand perfectly how to get the phone, which phone and which operator is best for them. What are senior citizens’ preferences for the phone they want to use, knowledge of the rules and regulations of government membership in federal and CPR programs, and any proof of membership required to request the phone, whether it’s a flip or a smart phone.

All these factors and elements must be taken into account to qualify the phone. Well, what are you waiting for? Take them to your prom and make him happy. Allow them to laugh, live, communicate with friends, family, loved ones and the outside world so that they can relive their lives and feel young, fresh and enthusiastic.

It is still not clear which government intends to decide on a free mobile phone for the elderly?  Don’t be an intelligent and informed consumer. You can view the features, advantages and disadvantages of all available providers in your region to find the right government program and plans for all your needs.