Top 5 Video Games Where You Are the Villain


With so many heroic video games out there, sometimes it’s a pleasure to defy the norms and assume the role of a villain or be mesmerized by the shock of learning that you’ve been the villain all along without being aware. In fact, games, where the main role is that of evil, is quite rare to come across and can be considered quite a luxury. Of course, there are games where you can receive a bad ending, however, it’s not quite the same. Eneba store recommends 5 video games where you play as the antagonist of the story, deliberately or not. Each of the games offers a unique premise and setting, so the choice is yours to make when deciding upon the most attractive title to try out if you want to do some villainous deeds.

1. Maneater


Tripwire Interactive created a rather curious game that is labeled as an interactive open-world action RPG where you assume the role of a shark. Well, to be more precise, a deadly shark looking to spill the blood of humans. The game begins with you being a youngling shark whose mother was brutally murdered by hunters, and now your goal is to grow and become strong by devouring as many sea creatures and humans as possible until you find the ones responsible for the murder of your mum.

The idea is clear, you must be evil and cruel to achieve your goals but you can choose how to approach the gameplay. You can either grow slowly by eating smaller and weaker fish or you can choose to accelerate your growth and gain some nifty armours by eating other predators underwater and even nabbing a human or two off-shore when they least expect it. One way or the other, you have all the freedom in the world to commit murder as a sea predator.

2. Destroy All Humans!


Just last year THQ Nordic presented the remake of Destroy All Humans!, a game brimming with sarcastic jokes, voiced by no other than Jack Nicholson, and screaming humans that you are wiping out one by one. You assume the role of an alien named Crypto (full name Cryptospirodium) and although seemingly small in size, the quick-witted humour and level of evilness make this small guy a serious threat to humanity. After all, your goal is to destroy all humans.

You must infiltrate this human planet called Earth and harvest enough DNA to secure the lives of your extraterrestrial fellowmen. Of course, who says you can’t wipe out a witness or two while you work hard harvesting these DNAs. Besides, humans can be quite troublesome. And cows. Crypto really doesn’t like cows as well, so they are likely to become the victim of your vicious little adventures in Destroy All Humans! Spoiler alert: a dangerous amount of sarcasm lies ahead.

3. Fable III


Moving away from villainous games with a sprinkle of humour, Fable III is another title that gives players a choice to be good or evil, and the chosen alignment affects the rest of the gameplay. And it seems that being evil proves to be much easier… Either way, the game is a fantasy action RPG with an open-world where your character is doing everything in his power to overthrow the King of Albion who became a tyrant that spills blood for the most pitiful misdemeanors.

Developers from Lionhead Studios seemingly wanted to place focus on the choices of a player based on the morality system integrated in Fable III. Put simply, you get to choose how to act throughout the game. You can be the typically good hero or be a little… evil. In that case, your character earns a negative reputation and that might make things easier or more difficult, but for sure more intriguing. Besides, the game has a high replayability value, so you can experiment with the alignment of your character to your heart’s content.

4. Evil Genius


If you happen to enjoy strategy games more, then there is an option to play a villain for you as well. Rebellion studios released Evil Genius with intent to provide gamers with a chance to become a villain that seeks world domination and to achieve that, analytical prowess must be used. The real-time strategy game revolves around the base building to create weapons of utter destruction and build a secret-base because what evil mastermind doesn’t have his concealed headquarters for concocting vile plans, after all.

Once you start the game, you can choose from three different evil geniuses, so pick out the one that you feel represents you the best as that character will be the public face of your villainous actions. Global domination is a quest that demands quite a lot of effort and creativity, and that is exactly what the Evil Genius game does – allows you to utilize the unlimited potential of your imagination and does not limit at all just how far your evil can go. After all, Evil Genius is about ingenious strategizing.

5. Prototype 2


This game, delivered by Activision, allows players to become truly evil with the delusion of doing the world a good thing while driven by the thirst for revenge. Prototype 2 is a sci-fi game with elements of horror and RPG, taking place in New York City. You assume the role of James Heller whose wife was murdered and daughter kidnapped by Alex and the government, and now you want their blood to flow on the concrete of NY streets. However, during your encounter with Alex, you are infected with the virus that turns you into a shape-shifting creature of gore.

After the fatal encounter, you can not only shape-shift and become a living weapon but also run in super-speed, break and lift things far heavier than before, jump with inhuman agility, and more. The deaths of the innocents no longer matter in your quest to get revenge on those that took away your little ray of happiness in this fallen world. The game portrays perfectly the darkness residing in the human heart that unleashes once something we love is torn away from us brutally.


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