What Attracts Tourists To Spain In 2023

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Architecture and cultural heritage of the country

The rich history of this country is reflected in architecture. Catalonia and Andalusia are famous for the interweaving of architectural styles of different peoples and eras. Sights from the period of Roman rule, Spanish traditions in architecture and European styles create a modern look for cities.

To get acquainted with the monuments and historical sights, testifying to the greatness of the country, allow  vouchers to Spain.

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Many monuments of architecture and architecture are included in the lists of world heritage “Property of Humanity”. In any part of Spain, travelers meet monuments – evidence of historical events.

Oddly enough, tourists in Spain are most attracted to coffee shops, the so-called cannabis clubs. These are amazing places where you can have fun while trying different varieties of marijuana or cannabis. But it’s worth mentioning that most of the clubs are closed, and you can’t get there without a special invitation.

Therefore, we would recommend using the instructions on how to get into a coffee shop, or a cannabis club without any problems in Spain, including Barcelona on this site. Marijuana in Barcelona is an aesthetic product that is enjoyed.

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In Spain, every tourist is waiting for the cordiality and hospitality of the inhabitants of the country, a sunny climate, many outdoor activities, traditional cuisine made from natural local ingredients (always fresh – the healthiest olive oil and wine).

Spain is one of the leading producers of fish, meat, and you can also taste amazing vegetables and fruits in the country. All this can be tasted in a variety of high-quality restaurants (simple – rustic, exclusive – on the terrace by the sea).

Spanish bullfighting is not for the faint of heart

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By renting a car in Spain , you can come to the country’s most popular resort – Seville, where the bullfighting center is located. It makes a strong impression on a foreigner and causes an ambiguous attitude.

In addition to the bullfighter, picadors, peons and bandelieros participate in bullfighting. Bullfighting takes place in several stages. After drawing the bulls, the bullfighter, his assistants and the bull enter the arena. The toreador, with the help of a special cape, tries to involve the bull in movement.

Then picadors appear on horseback in the arena and thrust spears into the back of the bull’s head. After this action, the bandelieros come out, hit the animal with spears with plumage and leave. Left alone with the bull, the bullfighter must mortally hit the animal.

Flamenco – Spanish dance style

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It is hard to imagine Spain without incendiary flamenco. This dance style goes back to the period of Muslim rule. It originated in Andalusia and is a mixture of gypsy song and dance culture and elements of Arabic art.

Flamenco is performed in different styles. It can be a shot with heels, a movement of the whole body or just the arms. Real flamenco can be seen in Andalusia.

Wine is the national pride of Spain

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Each region of the country has its own winemaking traditions. For example, in the Costa Dorada, wines of the first, second and third classes are produced. The first class includes traditional red, rosé and white wines.

Aged red and white wines with a noble taste and bouquet belong to the second class. Pago wines from the best vineyards are in the third class. Navara is famous for its Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. In Andalusia, it is worth buying sherry, Muscat and Pedro Ximénez.