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Why does my dad hate me? The myth of debunking! Five Reason & Five Solutions.

Why does my father hate me? This question keeps coming back to me, because although it’s hard to believe, sometimes nothing seems more real than that. The father’s hatred of you is the worst thing that ever happened in , because parents shouldn’t hate us, , right? .

What will I learn? [let me see]

Parents need to protect and *insure* us, but fathers are known to be a little hard on mothers. Maybe it’s because they don’t express much.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear, and that is the mutual influence of parental relationships between children.

Fathers are beautiful creatures, but sometimes they are the ones who break our hearts. The mainstream media is full of images of bad and insulting fathers; a simple image of their character can cause shivers down your spine, not to mention the fact that you have to endure it in real life. If you think your dad hates you, maybe he’s one of those dads in the soap operas, or maybe there’s a constant tension in your relationship that makes the two look alike.

Let’s clarify this point.

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Why does my father hate me? 3 Possible causes!

1. You have made a serious error.

One of the most plausible reasons why your father hates you is that you made a big mistake. This error may now vary by context, depending on your household or religious value system.

For example, if you drink alcohol, gamble, or get pregnant before marriage, your father will have a strong reaction and this weight will make you feel like he hates you.

This hatred is probably anger that may or may not decrease over time, but mentioning hatred is a hasty generalization. He may be worried about you, and the only way he can show concern is to be angry with you, but this should not be taken as an excuse to promote anger as an expression of concern.

Gross errors

2. Ideological effects

Sometimes ideologies are more expensive than blood relatives. Maybe you and your father have a serious ideological conflict that could turn life under one roof into a fictional dream.

For example, if your father is a dedicated religious man and you become an atheist, or if your father is a veteran in the army and you become a comrade. Such collisions can even lead to hatred between family members.

However, whether this is a temporary measure or not remains controversial.

3. Ego

The ego can be the greatest enemy of any relationship. Some parents are very controlling and self-centered.

They want to control every aspect of your life, and if you make decisions against their will, they can give you a fixed time limit, because that’s where their ego comes into the picture. Ego can even abandon a parent and be cruel to their children.

Because we have carefully analyzed why fathers have difficulty caring for their children and the possible reasons why they hate their children, we now want to move on to how to deal with this situation.

5 Why do fathers find it so hard to accept? – Expose the myths!


Social conditioning is an important factor that makes fathers feel difficult to access, as is usually the case for them. Society teaches men to look tough, especially when it comes to emotions. Mothers are considered more gentle than fathers and are generally more active in their children’s lives.

There is a distance between children and fathers due to lower participation and a lack of early decision making. That is why some fathers find it difficult to deal with the vacuum created by social conditioning.

2. Emotional distance

Children, especially sons, feel closer to their mother than to their father Fathers are expected to be the breadwinner, and in many cases all financial obligations rest on their shoulders alone.

The absence of the father and the limited time they have limited the free movement of the emotional bond in some cases, and a distance is created in both directions.

Children and fathers could not communicate emotionally because they adapted to distance for some reason; perhaps he lived abroad, earned a living or worked hard for up to ten hours a day.

This emotional distance creates not only tension in relationships, but also unpleasant situations.

3. No expression

The same applies to social conditioning. Society believes and demands that men are unshakeable. A man’s toxic concept does not cry from childhood to fatherhood.

A father should show less emotion than a mother. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel anything. This simply means that they express themselves much less than mothers, even though they have a strong desire to do so.

So, instead of just answering your question why My father hates Me by putting all the burden on your father’s shoulders, try to understand his social conditioning for lack of expression.

4. Perceived fear – why does my father hate me?.

Fear of the father is often taught at an early age as a control mechanism to discipline children. I’ll tell your father it’s a common threat to children if they misbehave.

Well, no matter how nice fathers are, these threats play an important role in creating negative images of fathers that can later influence relationships.

my father's fear

5. Disconnection of the connection

The communication deficit is one of the biggest challenges in all respects. In most cases, misunderstandings arise due to a lack of communication. Once communication is established, it is surprising that most questions disappear.

The communication gap can be reciprocal or one-sided; in both cases, however, it outweighs the tension in the relationship.

5 How can you effectively deal with a father you hate?

1. Give him a perspective. – Why does my father hate me?.

If you keep wondering why does my dad hate me? Then you really need to have some perspective.

Despite good intentions for their children, parents can sometimes unconsciously harm them. Don’t forget that they’re people too and they make mistakes too.

Parents have their own mistakes and are far from perfect. They have their own intellectual, psychological and emotional flaws. Often they are also afraid of being condemned by their children, which leads them to desperate attempts. Think of your father first as a man and then as a parent.

2. Lower your expectations

Don’t expect too much, because expectations dictate feelings. If you tell your parent to behave or act in a certain way, you will get a stronger sense of injustice when things go wrong.

3. Not a guilty party

Cool parents want you to feel guilty Don’t get caught up in guilt. Tell him you don’t like emotional blackmail. If your father continues, answer correctly. Let him know what you know.

The trick is to listen to him and agree with him, but every time you repeat your own decision.

4. Be an idiot. – Why does the father hate me?.

Approach the question directly and calmly, without waiting for a concrete answer from your father. Continue to share your thoughts and feelings. Frequent use of expressions I. Don’t let a poisoned daddy laugh at you

Use polite manners against him. Stay calm and concentrate on your goal, that’s honesty.

5. Remember to leave. – Why does my father hate me?.

It is one of the most difficult decisions, but sometimes the most necessary. It is the last resort if everything else fails, especially if a toxic parent continues to expose you to emotional and mental trauma.

A parent who is fundamentally incapable of showing love and support, who is incapable of recognizing the flaws in his or her behavior, who is constantly insulting, humiliating, or criticizing is a poisonous presence that will continue to demolish you until you put an end to it. It’s not an easy task – the parent-child bond is firmly anchored in our brains, causing children to get stuck even with terrible parents.

But consider the cost of toxic relationships in your life – stress, anxiety, depression, internalized feelings of inadequacy, failed personal relationships, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent in therapy.

Maybe one day they’ll change, there’s hope. Anything is possible. But in the meantime we will look at all the options, including the reduction.


Sometimes we are dishonest in our judgment and too much involved in the temporary tension in our relationship with our fathers. In other cases, our experience is a harsh reality that is very bitter to swallow. This article is intended to help you better understand and provide useful and effective tips for dealing with difficult parenting issues.

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